What Do NITIEzens Do

Before coming to NITIE the image of Management College is like red sandstone building containing dark hallways, but when I came NITIE this image transformed completely. My NITIE Campus is really God’s own campus. It is full of natural beauty, greenery, birds specially crows! NITIE campus can be divided into two parts Building & Greenery, just like any hill station. Here some highlights which you will find only in NITIE.

Hill Station View 

As I am nature loving person, I have visited many hill stations like Shimla, Mussoorie, Nainital, Gangtok, Manali, Almora & I bet my NITIE campus is not lesser than any hill station. Vikram Sara Bhai Hall looks like a cottage at Almora featured in old KARZ film when looking from the window of Taylor Hall.

NITIE Sarovar 

At NITIE Pond aka Sarovar, you will find some NITIEzen running around the NITIE Sarovar to keep fit themselves. It is also a most favourite hang-out place for NITIEzens. You can also notice some snakes in Pond. Our NITIE’s Rockstar also comes here to release their stress by playing melodious tune over guitar. On one hand, it is a birthplace of campus love story, on the other hand, on this place juniors groom themselves with help of our loving seniors.

96 Steps of Excellence

These are the steps though which every NITIzen gains excellence in Supply Chain Management. There is one more long way to reach classroom but 96 steps saves 3 minutes as per my calculation, but 3 minutes are uttermost important when you wake up at 8:25 & you have to reach the class at 8:30.

Skyscraper Hostel 

Taylor hall is 16-floor building, it is the tallest hostel building among all B-schools of India. NITIE is the only place where people will find a skyscraper in the lap of nature.

Two Huge Lakes and a Forest

Huge Vihar Lake, Sanjay Gandhi National Park at one side, whereas Powai Lake with Hiranandani skyscrapers in other side makes it unique. The view of the lake from Taylor hall is mesmerizing.

NITIE’s campus is really God’s own campus

Which ABG company I would like to work for?

Hi, I am “Sachin Gupta”, a first year student at NITIE Mumbai. It would be a privilege for me to work at Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited. I held the responsibility of Cultural Executive at IIT Delhi. I was the topper of “Supply Chain Management in Textile Industry” at IIT Delhi. During my tenure with Arvind Ltd, I saved 1.82 crores annually by vendor management. In Vardhman Textiles Ltd, I ensured zero complaints of cone mix-up”, yields a saving of 3 lakh per month. I help people by giving online material for competitive studies through my Exponential Career Campus.

– Sachin Gupta

NITIE Mumbai Placement Committee

Placement Committee, NITIE Mumbai