What Does IIFT Dream Of?

Dreams are one of the most curious fascinations of the human creature. People seldom remember what they dreamt yesterday or the day before or the day before that. The dream could have been anything. It could have been a scary dream, a happy dream or a sad dream. Whatever the content of the dreams maybe, the dreams are a perfect representation of our minds, of our hearts. They give us an insight of who we are as a person, how we interact, what are our passions and dislikes. Every person who gives the IIFT exam will have, at some point in their life, dreams about IIFT. They would have dreamed about studying at IIFT, acing classes, representing IIFT at various levels, winning at those levels and so many more of such perfect dreams that one is prone to have. As Anna Freud has said “In our dreams we can have our eggs cooked exactly how we want them, but we can’t eat them.” Most of those test takers’ dream does not come to fruition. But for whom it does, the dream is worth the effort.

IIFT is 55 years old, a veteran in its field. It has seen thousands of students pass through its momentous gates, lustrous gardens, inspiring statue, hallowed halls, sonorous classes and sleepy hostels. Every year a new batch makes it here. They come here with their aspirations, thoughts, faults and dreams. They get introduced to IIFT through activities, assignments and classes. They get used to being excited and exhausted at the same time. 2 am becomes the new 9 pm for them. And late into the night they work, talk, laugh and mainly dream. During my first week at IIFT I did not sleep to dream! I stayed awake and worked on my dream. And that dream will be the sole focus of my next two years. I have my dream to keep me awake but What do you think IIFT dreams of? The one which keeps IIFT awake!


ABG Company:

It dreams of me. It dreams of the Batch of 2018-20. It dreams of all the students on its campus. It shares our joys, heartaches and passions. It dreams of the batches gone and the batches to come. And each day as student’s aspirations shift, someone wins a competition, someone loses and someone gets placed, IIFT dreams a new dream. A Dream does not require a huge campus. It just needs a curious mind and a passionate heart. I intend to bring this curious mind and passionate heart with me to ‘Idea Cellular Limited’ and I want to join Idea as it is one of the top players in the telecom business with unparalleled energy, passion and creativity.

IIFT Placement Commitee