What Happens At IIFT?

The summer was pretty scorching when I arrived in Delhi on 20th June’18. The dust and pollution were invariably everywhere I stepped. In fact, for the first few times I travelled by cab near Paschim Vihar, Google told me how the air quality was significantly low and bad for breathing. To top it all, the Capital crime rate made me a lot more apprehensive about this place.

All these doubts persisted till the time I entered the IIFT campus. The campus is surrounded by green lushes with a place at the entrance called Top of the World (TOW), which is centered on a sculpture carrying books. The campus is fairly divided into 3 blocks and the best part is most of them are near to each other and quite accessible.

The best part about the campus, though, was my roomies. My roommates, Ambika and Rose, both have been best in their own ways, Ambika with her nonchalant singing that helped me wake up in the morning while Rose with her stories of how she gets confused with the wrong use of English here when she is asked to close the “gate” of the room which is actually the door. Rose is a little haphazard with her clothes. One time, her blazer got lost- she had no idea who took it or where it was. Saddened, she bought a new one, losing all hopes of finding this one. Around the same time, a friend named Akanksha informed me how she had an extra blazer since a couple of days and how nobody has turned up to claim it. I rushed the blazer to Rose immediately and I can never forget the widest grin she had looking at her blazer. Beside, all three of us use each other’s coolers and fill them up for each other as time permits. There are mornings when I wake up and see all the coolers on me since I’m usually the last one to get up here. And that’s not all; we save food for each other and share the best chocolates and homemade items without second thoughts.


Which ABG company would I want to work for and why? 

The best thing that my friends and roommates can connect and have undivided attention on is food.  Given the food is a universal favorite, I would like to work Aditya Birla retail limited (ABRL). It has some of the best brands like More Megastores and More Supermarkets under it. It is an ever growing company with the first ever Indian food and grocery retailer to receive the FSMS (Food Safety Management System) certification. I personally believe in the company since it has the motto of making customers return for more and for the best.

IIFT Placement Commitee