What Is Not IIFT!

A beautiful campus spread over an illustrious green canvas stretching for miles and miles and miles! Large and small birds chirping around as the sun rises over the horizon is a common sight on the campus. Huge buildings on the campus start to act as like beacons to the people living on the clouds.  The air is always sizzling with the cheers of the crowd, nervousness of the players, passionate rumbling of the supporters on the playground. Swimming pool is never empty for students always find it as a source of best relaxation. KFC, McD, Burger King, Dominos, Pizza hut surrounding the campus like a garland are a common sight while entering or exiting. Hostels on the campus are fitted with all modern facilities that would even put five star hotels to shame. This campus sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  But it is not the actual IIFT!!

Actual IIFT is something more! It is impossible to summarize about IIFT in a single sentence. We may have a short and cute campus, but it does help in saving us time with no hassling around! As a brownie point we get to meet a person for every step taken inside the campus helping us in interacting more. The air around the campus is crisp, clean and fresh bringing back the memories of a land showered with the first rain sprinkles of the season. All the reason for fresh air is credited to the green pocket “Sanjay Van” located at the back of the campus. We may not boast of a huge play ground, but nothing would or could dampen our collective competitive spirits and our zeal to express, excel, exceed. We might not have all the big fast food outlets in the peaceful vicinity of the campus. But we do have a Nescafe kiosk who happens to be the saviour of the students during any point of the day. If Nescafe kiosk isn’t there, probably students would miss their brain storming sessions, fun and most importantly the culture of a B-school. We may not have five star hotel facilities in our hostels, but we do have our stories of late night assignments, project sessions, serious discussions, bonding over mess food. As a silver lining, we do have a point in the campus named as, what we are and what we want to be as “Top of the World”.


ABG Company:

From the icy Himalayas of the north to the salty Kanyakumari breezes of the south, from the number crunching commerce people to the geeky engineering nerds, from newbie’s fresh out of college to experienced people of the corporate world, IIFT boasts of an amazing diverse crowd from various backgrounds. In the same manner I would like to work in “Aditya Birla Retail Limited” which boasts of a diverse workforce and the zeal for passion, speed, seamlessness just like my alma mater IIFT.

IIFT Placement Commitee