What Makes IIM Ahmedabad Special

IIM Ahmedabad has a rich legacy, being conceived by eminent scientist Vikram Sarabhai as an institute of excellence. It is important to understand where the Institute comes from, where its ethos lies and why it does deserve the status it gets.  People here, and people associated with the institute work tirelessly to ensure that the envisioned level of excellence is maintained. And hence, like a true B-School student, I think what makes IIM Ahmedabad special are the 4P’s : People, People, People and yes, People.

People: Faculty

I think one of the biggest reason that makes IIM Ahmedabad special in its own right is the faculty. We have extremely renowned academics, professors and management thinkers as faculty at IIM Ahmedabad.  Some professors here even do have followers like a cult, because of the knowledge, insights and sheer wisdom they bring to the classroom. In the case method, that is the method of instruction at IIM-A, professors are able to generate wonderful insights which an entire class of 90 can’t. The faculty also strive hard to maintain a level of excellence at the institution, working on research, with the industry and leading think tanks to improve management thinking in the country. It’s no wonder that there are more than 17 people on this list of India’s top management thinkers, who are/have been associated with IIM Ahmedabad.  To get a chance to interact with such great minds only makes the place even more special.

People: Administration

IIM Ahmedabad may be a governmental institution, that doesn’t take funding anymore, but it operates like an extremely efficient organisation. If you’ve seen bureaucracy at government institutions, there is no hint of any of it here. All administrative functions, be it the admissions process, the joining process, programme administration are amazingly smooth. Most people tend to overlook the hard work of the administration, but they work very hard to ensure that issues that may hamper the pursuit of excellence. There are no hassles that may distract or hamper knowledge creation or learning, and it’s a big thumbs-up to all the staff involved here, who pursue excellence in their own right.

People: Alumni

I think IIM Ahmedabad has one of the strongest alumni networks, if not the strongest alumni network in the country. There are corporate professionals at the pinnacles of some of the most prestigious well-known corporations, who will talk to you like a friend when they visit the institute or possibly drop by at your dorm. Anybody who is willing to start up or start out by themselves are provided huge support by the alumni network. The alumni have worked very hard and persevered to be where they are, and their paths. To have the privilege of talking to esteemed alumni across fields, like the ones on this list, is something that makes this place even more special.

People: Students

And finally, the students, who get promoted into the 3rd P after 2 years. There are some extremely talented, smart, hard-working and humble people that you will meet here. Students with work experience offer great learning insights to others who may not have work experience/similar work experience. A recent stress on academic diversity has brought in a set of wonderfully different views that make the learning process even more interesting. And there aren’t only academically strong students, they excel at sports, dance, music, dramatics, literary activities and so many other spheres of student life. And even though there is quite a rigorous coursework, students here do have a life.

And that completes the reasons, for me, as to why IIM Ahmedabad is truly special.



About the Author:

aviral bhatnagar


Aviral Bhatnagar went to IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad. He is a self-proclaimed geek, avid reader and a student for life. He made his first excel sheet when he was 8 years old, and he devoured encyclopaedias and atlas as a kid. He is currently working as an investment professional at Guild Capital.


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