What We Learnt From The CAT 2015 Demo

CAT 2015 Mock Test or Demo is now available. You can access it here

1) Some Questions are Multiple Choice where as some will be not. We are used to MCQs but the non-MCQs could be Para-jumbles – No options will be given, you will have to key in the exact sequence.

2) The on-screen calculator is fairly advanced – you can solve trigonometry directly too. Will the quant questions involve complex calculations?


3) The Order of Sections is I) VA & RC – 34 Questions, II) DI – 32 Questions III) Quantitative Aptitude

4) Persons With Disability Will get extra 20 mins per section. Their test will last 240 mins.

5) Rough sheets will be provided to you. All workings to be done in those rough sheets only.

6) As was communicated earlier, you have to wait for 60 mins of each section to get over. You cannot leave the examination hall until the test is over – which is until 180 mins are up.

7) There are DI questions where one needs to give a direct answer. No options. Hence, no elimination. So unless you solve the entire data set you cannot possibly short cut your way around this. Looks like all Logical DI is going to be direct answers only. A puzzle in essence. No options. Check the image below (Click to Enlarge)





8) Quant Problem – As you would have guessed by now all questions in the demo are old CAT questions.  No options here again. Guessing game is out. Technically you can and you should still guess as there is no negative marking.




… developing story. We will post more as and when we analyze the paper in further detail. We all need to wait for the entire 3 hours to even check the demo! You can meanwhile leave your questions and observations below in the comments section.


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Ankur Birla

The VARC Section has a whooping 24 Questions on RC and the remaining 10 as Non_MCQ which includes just PJ, Out of context and Summary types..

No Error Correction, Grammar, Vocab, FIJ .. nothing …

Team Insideiim

This is a demo – All types of questions can still come. One should prepare for all eventualities. Not necessary RC will be so heavily represented. No assumptions should be made.

Ankur Birla

The DILR section has sets of 4 question each.. Implies total 8 sets in all with equal distribution as in 4 sets based on DI and 4 sets based on LR.

Ankur Birla

QA section shows the question where you have to find the remainder – People need to start learning the usage of Scientific Calculators !! 😉

Team Insideiim

We are doing a Hangout tomorrow on this aspect with some experts. Keep watching this space at 11 am tomorrow