Whatever Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger-TAPMI

Like many of us my childhood was a combination of both good and bad instances. But being a sensitive personality many of those events had a lasting impact on my life. They shaped me for who I am today and taught me some very important lessons in my life. One of those instances was when I was diagnosed with depression during my late teenage. What pushed me into that dark well of despair remains debatable but it was dark as hell and took a toll on my personal as well as professional life. Teenage is considered to be one of the most uncertain phases of life with a lot going on inside the mind and body. Fighting something as demonic as teenage depression on top of that led to my life spiralling out of control. I was preparing for the well-known joint entrance exams at the time and soon realised that I was losing my grasp on the academics. My performance in academics took a nose dive and I soon found myself standing in a no man’s land with no foreseeable future ahead. My self-esteem took a sharp blow and started losing every bit of hope I’ve ever had. I was left with two choices, to accept the things the way they were, that is to accept the status quo or challenge it. I chose the latter. I began seeking professional help based on the suggestions of a good old friend of mine for the issues I was struggling with and that’s when things really turned around. The treatment really helped and my life got back to normal in due course of time. I finally crawled out of that dark well of despair and saw a beautiful life ahead. My performance improved substantially and I started excelling in the academics. In the third year of my under graduation I was chosen to represent my college at the University of Arkansas, United States for a research internship on a full merit based scholarship. The whole experience turned out to be amazing and one of the best learning experiences of my life. I came back with a smile on my face and some priceless memories. I finally graduated top of my class and was conferred with the University’s Gold Medal.