What’s Happening Around The World – November 10, 2017 To November 16, 2017

“Television, radio, social media. The 24/7 news cycle plows forward mercilessly on our desks, in our cars and in our pockets. Thousands and thousands of messages and voices bombard us from the moment we wake, fighting for our attention. All we see and hear, all day long, is news. And most of it is bad., is more a manifestation of the infuriation of the author Joseph Prince than just a normal quote.

This expression of the author seems to be representative of the feelings and opinions of the mass about the consumption of news these days. In such a scenario, even a single piece agglomerating the latest happenings in a laconic way can be very helpful. I hope the following content adds this value to the reader:

Hello! India:

Let’s go Global:

From the World of Marketing:

A Peek into the Politics:

This is it for this week. Happy Reading!

Abhinav Bansal

I'm a participant of the PGP 2016-18 batch at IIM Indore. Stuff like brands, blogging and dramatics interests me a lot! I aspire to launch my post MBA career with a typical Sales/Marketing job. In line with this goal, I've been a part of the Marketing club of IIM Indore and interned at a leading FMCG firm during the summers of '17.