What’s worth reading | Shreyas Recommends (Week 21 : Sep 2 – Sep 8)

This week its four different views on Modi’s Jan Dhan Yojna, something on Vedic Mathematics and why does the Universe exists.

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Jan Dhan Yojana: Four views

It is just populism in a different tone

– What’s the point of handing out accounts if people are not inclined to use them (much like the toilet scheme one might add)

– At least it is implementing an idea (albeit borrowed) that is key to transforming the society

– And let’s face it, if you leave it to the bankers, they would probably never get around to doing it

Predictive analytics as means to change your business strategy

Vedic Mathematics: it is neither Vedic, nor really is it mathematics

What do people cured of blindness see when they get sight

Why do we five-day workweek?

Google’s self driving cars have, erm, long way to go. Speaking of Google on the move, it is trying the Hindustan Unilever way in India

Amazon hasn’t turned a decent profit in 18+ years of public listing. It is still keeping the investors interested

Celebrity data theft notes and economics. Key morale of the story: “There is no software that users will ever be able to install or upgrade that will make them completely secure”

I learned that there is an Indian law that prohibits cattle animals from crossing a highway. Except of cows, of course

Do you love math? Do you love people? Congratulations!


Most under-rated sandwich in the world?

Competitive Rock, Paper, Scissors. Yeah.


Watch: Why does the universe exist?



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