What’s worth reading | Shreyas Recommends (Week 15 : July 13 – July 20)

After a break for a week, we are back with the 15th edition of our weekly series on InsideIIM, where PwC Consultant Shreyas Panse curates a list that is the best  from across the web that industry professionals and current students must read.


Upset with Indian government? There are worse ones out there

Banking system for neighbourhood rickshaw-wallas

Amazon’s plans in India: basically, sell to everyone and kill the competition

“Poor battery” is the most persistent complaint among smartphone users, and it is unlikely to be addressed soon

Something everyone can agree with: More IITs are a bad idea

BRICS bank: Indian perspective, and a first-world perspective. And the bank is not only about investments and finance (needs registration)

Big Data = Big Responsibility

What the world will look like in 2025

Revisiting the indomitable “Growth-Share Matrix”

Valid question: are VCs investing in wrong start-ups?

Think you can beat the market? Think again

Big Data = Big Responsibility

MH17 crash points to a world riskier than may have been imagined. It should ideally not dissuade you from flying Malaysia Airlines though. Especially since the recent two incidents were the first for the airline since 1995!

Harry Potter fans: Hermione is the real hero of magic world

How worried is Germany about NSA espionage? It is considering using typewriters again! Next stop: Enigma machine

We should put all our money into this solution to the airport security problem

Smart Cities are not really that good an idea. For one, nobody can really define what a “Smart City” is
Understanding Customer Lifecycle Value

At least for some period this week, it is important that you do “Nothing”. People should be working less and less everyday

Financial literacy test: for 15-year olds

An algorithm that predicts what’s the next big thing in popular music

A joke that went massively viral on Twitter

That time when USA and NASA were planning to detonate nuclear bomb on the Moon

Chinese economy just doesn’t seem to slow down for a prolonged time

Watch: A wonderful and enlightening documentary on Aaron Swartz: “The Internet’s Own Boy”



Created by Shreyas Panse


Shreyas is a Delhi-based Consultant working with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He blogs at shreyasp.wordpress.com. He is an alumnus of IIM Indore. Follow him on InsideIIM at shreyasp.insideiim.com