What’s worth reading | Shreyas Recommends (Week 24 : Sep 29 – Oct 6 )

Week 24 of Shreyas Panse gives you an insight on Apple’s Marketing Strategy,  Hong Kong protests, colour of clothes you should wear to an interview , what will Swachh Bharat Abhiyan mean to Indian population and Election Commission’s advertising strategy.


Why RBI is being so stingy when it comes to loosening the interest rates

Does internet usage impact the way we vote?

Careful about the colour of clothes you wear to an interview

Umbrella: the symbol of Hong Kong’s Occupy Central protests

What really are the potential endgames of Hong Kong protests

Further, watch: Hong Kong protests explained

Speaking of endgames, BlackBerry’s isn’t far away 

India vs. WTO: in three charts

Not Ebola, but Measles are more dangerous

Election Commission is using 90s advertising agency to appeal to young voters

Confronting islamist extremists, based on Batman principles

Swachh Bharat faces cultural issues, and not just commitment issues

Kenya added US$ 10.8bn to its economy overnight

Importance of ignoring your boss

10 things about Starbucks you may not have heard of

Apple: luxury brand or mass marketer? More of mass marketed luxury brand if you ask me

Watch: basic principles of what Big Data means


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