What’s worth reading | Shreyas Recommends – (Week 27: Oct 27 – Nov 3)

In the 27th week of his extremely popular series on the best articles curated from the world wide web, Shreyas picks up stories about Google’s future, the history of the credit card, the story of how Nigeria averted an Ebola Crisis, and the future of AI.

–     Can Google search really grow beyond its current size? 

–     It does not have to worry about YouTube, and its largely unrealised potential

–     How Nigeria managed to avert a severe Ebola crisis 

–     Sad news: nobody is really Rich and Happy 

–     The birth of the credit card

–     Over next ten years, 49 Indian cities will account for 75% of India’s incremental GDP

–     The future of conscious AI is closer than before

–     LinkedIn’s success in Chinese market, where every other global social network failed

–     1970s were a sad part of India’s economic history

–     Let’s not go overboard with the new coffee chains: at the end of the day, we are a tea drinking nation 

–     The story of how Nokia’s closure of Sriperumbudur plant is impacting life of people living there

–     Why is solar energy so expensive

–     A “Minority Report” style crime predicting software now being used in London

–     Tupperware: a giant business empire that changed the lives of many women

–     People (well, Americans) believe anything, as long you show it in a chart

–     How do you design a functional good and a luxury good

–     Generic, but quite relevant: Ten things to keep in mind if you work in client relations

–     Why Rs. 100 crore earnings at Bollywood box office is a smokescreen

Off topic

–      Windowless airplanes in next 10 years

–      iPhone app that lets you solve a math problem by taking a picture, has the most predictable usage: cheating


–     How the world has changed since you were born (interactive)



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