What’s worth reading | Shreyas Recommends – (Week 28: Nov 4 – Nov 11)

In the 28th week of his extremely popular series on the best articles curated from the world wide web, Shreyas picks up stories about the froth in Indian stock markets, the popularity of Quora, and the history of great economic upheavals.

–    The mad rush of Indian stock markets fuelled by the foreign investors

–    Undergrads at premier engineering institutes are driving the popularity of Quora in India

–    The sorry state of milch animals in India

–    How health workers treating Ebola get dressed

–    The World is still not “flat”

–    Those bloody traffic jams!

–    Sales and salesmanship is nowhere near extinction: it has only gotten tougher

–    Watch: When Mark Zuckerberg get decision fatigue

–    Fall of the Berlin Wall: How costly the reunification was to Germany, and the timeline of events surrounding the fall

–    10 greatest economic and social changes of past 1000 years

–    Instead of trying to retrieve black money, as if it were some sort of bounty, greater focus should be on getting the process right

–   Hollywood can teach a lesson or two to businesses on how to nurture talent, support creativity, and develop products

–   Blame the consultants for the business lingo like “operationalise”, “deliverables” and “key takeaways”

–   But there are good consultants in this world! Although, probably not many

–    Meanwhile in Australia: make your own pizza and earn royalties on the recipe



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