What’s Worth Reading | Shreyas Recommends – (Week 29: Nov 12 – Nov 18)

In the 29th week of his extremely popular series on the best articles curated from the world wide web, Shreyas picks up stories about Sweden- The cashless society campaign, know why the VC fund structure simply isn’t good for startups, the emoji language and a lot more.

Is there a way to revive Banarasi Silk?

Six reform agendas for the Modi government

US Dollar has been the most powerful currency for a long time

Indian government logic: to improve women’s safety, block porn

Are venture capitalist stifling the Indian start-ups?

Sweden: the first cashless country in the world?

A DIY on rigging the currency markets

India’s public distribution system, in five charts

What type of sleep schedule are you on?

Disaster! There is a chocolate shortage in the world!

In the week of Interstellar and Philae Lander: why is science fiction important?

Coca-Cola’s nearly hundred year old mascot is under scrutiny

Want to make money on the stock market? Maybe try following the sunspots

The amazing invention of sliced bread

Longer reads

World War II primer: in 42 maps

The greatest linguistic revolution of our times: Emojis

Would you eat healthier if you had better access to healthy food?

“F*ck Earth!. Who cares about Earth?”: says the man who wants to put a million people on mars


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