What’s worth reading| Shreyas Recommends – (Week 34: Jan 28 – Feb 3 )

In the 33rd edition of Shreyas Recommends, India’s Guinness Records, India’s Stock Market Rally – Then and Now, something on international spies and some outer space stuff

India’s struggle with one of world’s oldest diseases

See an inefficiency around you? Uberize it

The saddest thing about teacher education in India: “more than half of the students given admission offered to pay twice the fee so long as the degree was delivered to them without attending college”

Are Coke and Pepsi losing their taste?

Indian stock market rally: 2008 vs. today

There is a shake up in the fast foods industry

2014: the year app makers earned more money than Hollywood

The latest revision of Big Mac Index

India’s addiction to setting world records

Facebook say it has impact the world economy by more than US$ 200 billion. Sketchy economics though

Further attempts at explanation: why oil crashed

An atlas of business strategy traps

Trickle down economics? Now, trickle down technology

Viacom’s India journey: slow to pick up, but now strongest among all the players

How to spot an international spy?

Davos tweets

Interstellar hangover: 10 facts about black holes

More space stuff: the best image to date of Andromeda galaxy

On a lighter note: the next level of archery



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