What’s Worth Reading | Shreyas Recommends – (Week 36: Feb 11 – Feb 17 )

Read what Raghuram Rajan has to say over the World Economy, the new marketing strategy, World’s Largest Aircraft, and something on Renewable Energy getting cheaper.


Why is it that in the state with among the highest per capita income, the elections focus on giving out freebies

Indian high court judges, and until a few years ago even Supreme Court ones, regularly refer to Wikipedia

How women started to visit and frequent downtown areas of US cities in 1920s-30s. Wonder if this is the path of India too?

Is there a new marketing approach in town?

Consider this: would you rather buy an AC or a new smartphone?

Chidambaram talks about the revised GDP calculations. Even if you don’t agree, enjoy the sarcasm

Your birthday tells you how well are you connected to the world

We are on our way to becoming sundry workers

(Some) Indian B-school are going bust. I call this market rationalisation

How renewable energy is becoming more and more affordable (somewhat technical)

About time: Chinese airline looking to have standing passengers on a commercial airplane. See also: World’s largest aircraft

Time to go to Venus

Eiffel Tower, as iron supplement for your diet

Tables have turned: a book cover that judges you

Get rid of the brakes on your car (just kidding!)

Head to the fantasy land: the weird origins and myths of the unicorn


Is capitalism bad?

Raghuram Rajan talks about global economy, Europe, oil and of course, India. Related: Rajan on being ambitious yet cautious

Longer reads

How Twitter started earning money

Google Glass: from conception, to design, to failure


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