What’s worth reading| Shreyas Recommends – (Week 37: Feb 18 – Feb 24 )

The history of Youtube, the sad state of Ganga, 50 Most innovative companies of the World and much more in this week’s edition of Shreyas Recommends.

How The New York Times works

Watch: How Google Maps began from a startup that nearly crashed

The toothpaste you used this morning may be contributing to destruction of rainforests in South-east Asia.  Incidentally, India is the largest buyers of palm oil in the world

A question to which my answer will always be “No”: Are you proud of how you are spending your time?

Fascinating – WiFi networks, when they illuminated

The history of YouTube, and 10 classic videos from the site over the years

The disturbing state of Ganga

Public shaming in the age of social networks

The intention of creating the boardgame Monopoly was to teach children how monopolies were a bad thing

Financial advice, summarised in 10 points

A case for why financial organisations should be run by women

World oldest available musical instrument: a neanderthal flute

The next time you go out for a full-course meal: why restaurants would be better off if you didn’t order a dessert

Thoughtful, but idyllic: Your degree doesn’t matter, your skills do

50 most innovative companies in the world. IndiGo is the only Indian company on that list

Brain size matters in understanding why humans are the most advanced mammals

Scamming people was way too easy in 1800s. They were just too quick to trust strangers

The beautiful February of 2015