What’s Worth Reading| Shreyas Recommends – (Week 38: Feb 25 – Mar 3 )

How to do an attractive pricing of your product, Brand Valuation, know about Female Economists of the World, the Biotech Bubble and much more in this week’s Shreyas Recommends.

Are there positives to standing in a queue?

The somewhat skin-crawling nature of the word “Human Capital”

Understanding: Niti Aayog

A new bubble is brewing: the biotech bubble

Horribly bad maps

Words explorer from past Indian Budget speeches

If you ever wondered what happens when tech companies get insane valuations

The psychology of attractive pricing of products

People still prefer paper reading to digital reading. They pay more attention when reading on paper

Watch: How clocks changed the humanity

Watch: Perennial question in marketing: How do you ascertain the value of a brand

Being an MBA -> walking like a Indian cow

Harebrained inflation in Venezuela: pack of condoms for US$755

How to grow a forest really, really fast

History of photocopiers, and how they ushered the era of printers

What do millennials want from their work

Understanding: Cannibalism

Appreciating the female economists

Hurray! Cholesterol is no longer a worrying food ingredient (at least in the US). You should still watch your diet though

The time people tried to correct the smartest person on the planet and they were all wrong

Do you like flowcharts?



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