What’s Worth Reading| Shreyas Recommends – (Week 39: Mar 24 – Mar 31 )

Sincere apologies for the break in these posts, as other responsibilities caught up. Here’s to a long run this time (until the next real life crisis, of course)


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Hey government, stop ducking and fix the PSUs

Delhi Metro has reduced road accidents by taking motorbikers and pedestrians off the road

The market of people who never leave their house

The death of the mall in India?

What you should base your career decisions on (Psst, it’s not money)

What, according to you, is customer service about

Etymology of movie “trailers”

A hug a day keeps the doctor away

The world’s best whiskey comes from…. Taiwan!

Millennials and their struggle with adulthood

Frooti’s brilliant brand revamp

Kodak, the company that captured your childhood memories, is struggling. Fun fact: DYK that Lysol, the ubiquitous house clean brand, was created by Kodak?

Don’t be embarrassed if you want to visit Zara to relieve your work stress

Free speech, in the land of social media. Also read an op-ed by Shreya Singhal, who filed the petition against 66A. A 2012 profile of Singhal. If you are interested in legalese, behind the scenes of how the three year fight came to be

Inside the ₹1.1 lakh crore battle among the telecom operators

Numbers behind creation of fifth largest food company in the world: Kraft-Heinz

Visualisation: How do traffic jams work

Toilet paper behaviour in Europe

Air-conditioning helps with better economy and politics


All previous Shreyas Recommends Editions are available here


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