What’s Worth Reading| Shreyas Recommends – (Week 40: Apr 1 – Apr 7 )

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– Padukone and Vogue: feminism is about a lot more than making choices faced mostly by urban elitist women OR Padukone and Vogue are right to push their vision of freedom and feminism

– Xiaomi and India

– A dozen ideas to change Indian Railways 

– Beef ban does not help “save” cows

– How has the music consumption changed in last 30+ years

– What is behind Singapore’s success

– Hand-written notes >> Laptop notes

– Apple makes far more profit than Walmart. Than why does Walmart get more stick for its capitalists tendencies?
How hedge funds work

– The difference between strategy, implementation and execution

– The impact of increased use of electronics on a lake in Mongolia

– Just like humans, male mice also sing to woo the ladies

– Iran nuclear deal: a simple guide, another simple guide but with a bit more detail

– Spend your money on experiences, not objects

– Life expectancy of musicians, by music genre



– Hummingbirds!
– Generic news report on the economy


Longer reads

– The story behind Apple Watch

– Story behind Edelweiss

– Fate of Indian mines and naxalites are intertwined



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