What’s Worth Reading | Shreyas Recommends – (Week 55: Oct 2nd – Oct 9th)

Here’s me overcompensating for 3-week absence, and making yet another, not-at-all convincing promise that I’d more regular with these posts in the future:



Tamil Nadu has been successfully running a Make in India model for about twenty years

Money into the sea: Mumbai’s coastal road is expensive and bad urban planning

Watch: Nandan Nilekani talks about financial disruption in India

The sorry state of the private healthcare in India

India is no longer as dependent on the monsoon as it used to be

At current pace, district courts in India will take at least 10 years to clear out pending cases

The most exciting e-commerce company in India?


Around the world

China’s status in the world, explained in charts

What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

Are we a little too addicted to bottled water?

There was a lot of heated debate when two weeks ago when a US pharma company raised prices of a cancer drug by 50 times to about $750. That same drug is available in India for about 3 cents. The US drug has returned to its original price now

A stampede at Mina near Hajj killed nearly 700 people. The crowd problem is a combination of sociology and fluid dynamics


Business and Tech

WhatsApp has only 50 engineers to serve its 900 million users

People are going “retro” by preferring paper books over ebooks

Comparing all iPhone cameras

Scariest moments of the 2009 financial crisis

Millennials will buy any shit you sell them

Apple wants to kill Google at its monotonous advertising game

Reason we haven’t any alien communication so far? They might be using advanced encryption technology

Strange things

How many years before you die?

Are you an engineer? 13% chance that you’d marry another engineer

Do you highlight when you study? Sorry, but that is not necessarily a helpful activity

What does probability mean in your profession?

Sad? Call a service which sends hot men to wipe out your tears


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