Where is Kashipur?

Where is Kashipur ?

The day I traversed the length and breadth of our beautiful country, to come and study here at The Indian Institute of Management Kashipur, was indeed a fortuitous one. Kashipur was a city, back then not known by most. “Where is Kashipur?”, was a question that I heard a lot. Little did anyone know that Kashipur is the touch down point for anyone going to the world famous Jim Corbett National Park. It is just about 40 kms from Kashipur and has one of the best cycling paths I have seen, we frequent the place on our cycle. Living and studying in the laps of mother nature is a gift, few have the fortune to get. The hill state of Uttarakhand is a hotspot of nature and beauty. I have done a fair bit of exploration and travel in my breif stay in Kashipur. My first trip was to Bhimtal, it was the outbound, icebreaker trip and we broke the ice, literally. This was followed by the impulsive ride to Lansdowne and the midnight drive to Jim Corbett, both very memorable trips. Then came the weekend sojourn at Nainital, after a hectic mid sem week. It was a much needed breather. Finally, the crowining jewel of all my trips, the winter snow at Auli and the Majestic Himalayas. Words would do little justice, so I stop here and urge you to visit these places. The natural beauty of Uttarakhand is one thing that has made me breathless on a lot of occasions. I came here to study management and I got a lot more than that. These facets I have penned down are just the tip of the iceberg of the place I now call home, Kashipur.

Lastly, the bike ride to Kausani with our Director Dr. Gautam Sinha was one which I missed and regret to this day.

Pictures : https://www.instagram.com/kashipur_uttarakhand/



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