Where’s The Place You Belong? – SPJIMR Mumbai

Where’s the place you belong?

The man was a great salesman at the bakery he ran with his mom in Mumbai.
He was equally good at waiting tables at the TAJ. Yet the man was unknown to the world. Moreover, he was not happy. 

Then came in Shyamak Davar, who asked him to act in a play.
And thus was born a brilliant actor called Boman Irani.


Often it happens that some space, some group, some people get the best out of you. I worked at a breakthrough company which wanted to change the way businesses selling to other businesses, brand themselves. I was on a team which worked on ideas and business concepts. I loved my job and my experience in product development for about a year and a half and that made me all the more effective at my job.

Then came a point when I decided to go to a B-school. Because I was looking for that space where I could experiment. I was looking for a place where I see people like me & those unlike me. I was looking for a group that brings out the best in me. A place that inspires you by making you feel that you belong there.

I am attached to SPJIMR because this place gives me this feeling every single day. Be it those long night submissions with a group of students who are intellectually stimulating or be it those super cool profs who teach you to communicate business concepts to a vegetable vendor. The secret to great performance is that the performer should own the stage. He should feel like he belongs to the entire idea of the performance.

SPJIMR has given me that space where I belong, where we discuss cool business concepts & amazing creative ideas every single day.

Today a bakery is missing a good salesman…
A hotel is missing a good room service staff member…
But that’s because a nation has got a superb & a great actor in place of that.
The best of things are hidden within you. It’s all about whether you are in the space where you belong…
Explore SPJIMR. You might find your stage here…


Vrushank Kanekar

Vrushank Kanekar is a PGDM 2015-17 student at SPJIMR, Mumbai specialising in Marketing. Connect with him on https://in.linkedin.com/in/vrushankkanekar)