Why Byjus Is Best For CAT Preparation

Most of the CAT aspirants generally start preparing for CAT while they are pursuing their graduation. Most of the training institutes start their preparation depending upon the level of preparation; mostly they are divided into 2 types: Long term and Short term crash courses. Some even offer only Mock CAT tests. Aspirants who are not able to join and training institutes for the lack of time or sufficient amount of funds deprive themselves of correct preparation and end up not scoring the desired score, resulting in waste of time and efforts. To address this problem, Byju Raveendran, founder of Byju’s Classes came up with an innovative and unique method for the CAT aspirants. He is a serial CAT topper and is very much aware of the students’ problem they face when they simultaneously prepare CAT and pursue their graduation or are working. Headed by GMAT and CAT topper, Byju classes are ranked as the best coaching for CAT in India. The advantage that Byju has, over other top CAT preparation institutes are: Updated pattern preparation: In the recent XAT 2015 examination, the students had to face unexpected surprises by answering the high level questions. The test takers weren’t prepared and ended up being disappointed. this is not a news to the aspirant who are going to take management exams.  Byju’s updates it syllabus and preparation materials regularly so that its students would be always prepared for any surprises. Copyrighted techniques to teach the students:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLKnB100k_YZmNxdvOG7jtxeDMvrS5vRR9&time_continue=6&v=vkGpHlpKDqc Watch the introductory video by Byju’s where Geometry has been covered. We can see how simple he made it for the students to think and change the diagram to coming to the answer. He used only two words for the same: 1. Cut the diagram 2. Count the answer. The best part is, you can learn all the topics in this interactive manner that will urge you to change the way you think about solving a problem. Students learn simple, shortcut techniques and strategies which help them crack any question, no matter how difficult it is. TAB based preparation: Every student gets a Samsung Tab and the Micro SD card which has video lessons to learn from. They can access it 24*7 at their own convenience. So they students who are working or are pursuing their education can chose to learn at their own convenient time. Demo classes to go for before making a decision: the students are not bound to pay for the classes and then go for the classes, they can simply attend the demo classes here and can see the difference Byju’s classes has over preparation materials. The trainers who conducts the classes remains the same after the demo and hence no student face any problem learning other techniques from changing trainers. If the students wish, he can go for classroom courses as well. Currently Byju provides classroom training at these cities: Bangalore, Pune, Noida, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Manipal. Visit www.byjus.com for more information and talk to our experts now.