Why Have Summer Internships – A Fresher’s Perspective

The summer internship is an important part of our MBA course as it provides the students with immense exposure to the real industry. It is not merely about the Internship report you have to submit in your B-school, it is much more than that. Especially, for those students who do not have prior industry experience, it is a stepping stone into the corporate world. Hence, it is very important to make the best out of your summer internship!

Many of the First Year MBA students must have already chosen their summer internships while many of them might be looking for it. But do you always get the type of profile as a summer intern you desire? The answer is – not always. Sometimes, students from tier 2 or below colleges have to settle for something which is not exactly what they desired for. So, should you be disheartened? Absolutely NO!

Here is the reason why you shouldn’t! While pursuing MBA, I had an opportunity to do my Summer Internship in one of the leading private sector banks in India. I chose it because I always thought that I want to become a banker and this will give me an opportunity to learn and experience the industry. Well, so it did. By the end of the internship, I realized that this industry is not where I want to ┬ábe in. Hence, does that mean my internship was not useful? No, Not at all!!

Infact, it was a great learning experience. While at it, I always tried my best at work and learnt a lot about the kind of work that happens in such big private sector banks. My summer internship helped me to develop my skills and personality, which will definitely help me in whatever job I do in future. Infact, as a fresher, your summer internship is extremely important for you. It helps you to decide which industry you would like to or would not like to enter. Also, during your final placement interviews, the kind of hard work you did and learning you derived from your Summer Internship can give you an edge over the others. Another important aspect is to do good research and analysis with the data collected as a part of your Summer Internship project report.

Therefore, the key is to make the best out of this opportunity. Give your best while interning no matter what job is given to you for those few months and showcase a learning attitude.

Tip: Choose your summer internship wisely and more importantly, give your best when you are there!

All the best to all the students for their internships! Happy Interning!!

Shilpa Mondal



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Karishma Salian

Well written article…I could completely relate to it!whatever happens…happens for the best..and has some or the other lesson to be learnt out of it…stay positive!stay focussed!