Why HR?

Since the time the mission MBA starts the first question aspirants ask to themselves is “Why MBA” and the first obvious answer is Money, status and better career opportunities. And then the second prominent question arises , which stream of MBA should they get into, for which they never get a very obvious answer! Mostly people are either mesmerized by the reputation of Finance or marketing or there are few others who wonder why not try HR and they really never get an answer for that (Well may be even I am searching for one). But then there are always answers for the most sought after questions. So, with whatever idea I have got after pursuing this one year in HR from certainly the best HR college in Asia , I will try to answer the question “Why HR” ?

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Well, it is a common perception that HR is an overhead to any company and it really does not perform as much work as any Finance/ Marketing/ Ops or strategy person does! So, let’s prove this myth wrong. HR as the name suggests is management of certainly the most important resource of any organization i.e. Human resource. From recruitment of best talent to train &develop them or deciding pay schemes , structuring policies and making the employees perform to best of their potential , HR plays the most important role. With the technological era on roll, each an every organization is benefitted from the role of HR in technology and vice-versa. Capitalization on human resource if done well, aids in better functioning of all other streams hence enhancing efficiency and output considerably.

HR is perceived to work only on superficial levels and is considered as a role of people who are good at managing human skills and relations. But that is not the only truth. Being good with managing people certainly helps but HR is much more wider. If you feel that you can get the best out of people thereby enhancing the productivity of any organization , you are at an advantage. Next I will say that if you are not a person who loves playing with numbers or is not very passionate about any other domain , HR is at equal level where rest all lie! If you love what you do or rather put it like if you love to work for people , of people and by people! Yes! Freshers are not very clear about the value addition an HR does to the organization. So, if at all, you are concerned about this fact , let it go as of now. Also , an HR learns about more than basic elements of other domains as well (Finance, marketing, operations) and can work in other areas like consulting , GenMan, Strategy as good as a human resource manager.

So, this was the basic idea of what an HR does and if you are really passionate about HR or get a chance to pursue it from one of the best colleges , you should not have much doubt left in your mind by now.


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