Why I Chose FMS – Gargi Brahma

Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi is a dream that many MBA aspirants carry. It’s a dream that very few attain. But is it good enough to beat the top IIM? I guess it depends on who you ask. I know of quite a few people who chose the red building over the other esteemed b-schools. And when I asked them, if they made the right choice, they said they will never know, but it hasn’t hurt them yet. So in the year 2015, when I was faced the same dilemma, I chose the path that many wouldn’t. I picked FMS. My reasons were clear but I went through a rough one week trying to decide.

Once I picked FMS, I was at peace. I looked objectively and it made perfect sense to me. I literally made bullet points in my diary.

– I wanted to be in marketing. The whole premise of being responsible for a product that everyone uses and the idea of being able to connect with customers excited me. Also Finance was not really my domain. I could do consulting work but my love was marketing. I thought, ”What better place to be than the marketing campus of India?”. If I wanted to do marketing, I wanted to be in FMS.

– I was worried that if I chose FMS, I would be left behind in the job race that my peers would excel in. But after a short research, I realized that it was an incorrect thought. Almost all FMCGs visited FMS as well and picked students for the same position and CTC. I can vouch for that more positively now because I am currently interning in one of the biggest FMCGs in the world and I work alongside fellow students from IIMA and IIMC. Everything, from position to CTC, is the same, as is confirmed by some of my alumni here.

– Infrastructure!! Yes, the big question mark. To be truthful, when I entered the red building, I thought… well, that tour ended quite fast. But I entered it nonetheless. And I got a flat with two other girls. And we lived lavishly in our own little apartment, feeling like independent people who had finally grown up. We walk to our campus which is a 5 min walk from our home. We walk with FMS students who live nearby (which is mostly everyone because everyone lives close to each other). When we feel in a sporty mood (which is rare because my friends are lazy human beings), we use the Delhi University sports complex which is like another 10 mins walk. After living in Kamla Nagar for a month, I realized, having a campus might have its benefits (I lived in a residential campus during my undergraduate course, so I know), but this was amazing in its own way.

– Yes!! If you are a foodie, Delhi is the place to be. The variety will blow your mind, I know it blew mine. From chholle bhature, to dosa, to mere coffee, to the most lavish and expensive Italian cuisine, everything is just minutes away. I was awed when I roamed the market which is on the way to the campus. I have practically spent all my free time last year downloading torrents and exploring the infinite number of restaurants and street food. Also we had a cook at our home to feed us when we were too lazy to go out (which was most of the time)

– People think that having a strong alum base is just something B-Schools say to sound cool. But having studied in FMS or any other B-School, the students would definitely say that it’s not just important, but essential. In the world where we are about to enter, which is the “suit and tie” corporate world, it is important to have connections. And what better connection to have than having a common alma mater. The alumni connection in FMS is very strong, with a dedicated team of students working very hard to keep all the connection alive and active. When you are studying in a college which has been around since 60 years, you tend to have alumni who are high up in the corporate ladder. Really high up. We are talking about CEOs and founders here. And the fun fact is, that they come to college, every year! And we menial B-school students get to meet them, talk to them, have candid conversations with them over food and laughter and actually get to pick their brains. It is an amazing feeling and I hope whoever joins FMS next feels the same goosebumps that I got when I first met the alums.

I mean, yes, the first thing anyone would think is money. FMS is the place to go if you want to do your MBA without burning a hole in your pocket. But I wasn’t going to leave IIM A, B and C for a mere loan. Sure, saving the money was an added benefit, but when I measured the rest of the statistics, it all fell in line. Especially for me. I have always thought of FMS to be one of the best B-schools in the country. I am not going to talk about ratings (which I checked before I joined and was pretty impressed.) because that’s something everyone knows. The dilemma in my mind was sorted and even today I feel that I am lucky to be a part of FMS. I have not regretted my decision and I have a happy feeling that I won’t be regretting it in the near or far future.



Nipunn Vepakomma

Really nice article, Gargi! Congrats for getting admission in FMS! I had a big question mark about FMS only because of infrastructure concerns, but it is good to hear that we can use the Delhi university sports complex. Which sports can be played in that sports complex?

Kirti Bhatnagar

Congratulations for getting in FMS….Its my dream to get there so can u plz give me some tips regarding it.