Why IIM Shillong?

B-school choice is one of the most important decisions taken by many students and professionals across our country every year. Academics, placements, exposure, and brand are main parameters which play an important role in decision-making process of students but there are some parameters which you can come to know only after taking admission into the college.

While choosing IIM Shillong as my choice for the future, the location of the institute was not on my list. However, the foundation course of the institute made me realize its significance. The one-week program focused on sustainability and it brought change in perception. And one of the most important stimulators in bringing about this change is the location of the Institute. The legacy trek organized by the seniors and a full day sustainability trek organized by the institute is not only an adventurous experience but also an eye opener.

A walk down the sacred forest will allow you to interact with silence. Amid intense competition and race, the serenity of this place will calm all the clutter in your mind and enable you to talk to yourself. The serene hills of Meghalaya have largely been left untouched by large scale scientific development, and that is the reason one truly understands how the forces of universe intended this earth to be. While development cannot be ignored, the trek will inspire you to focus on sustainable development. As the future managers, it is imperative that a sense of responsibility and onus towards our environment and society is imbibed in the students of a b-school.

The trek sets a perfect context for the “Sustainability and Business” course in term 1. The course primarily focusses on how sustainability can increase profitability in business.

When I was asked “Why IIM Shillong?” during my admission interview, I confidently quoted the mission of the institute – “To generate and disseminate knowledge in all aspects of management education for sustainable development and to develop innovative leaders with strong ethical values.”. However, I could understand its meaning only when I joined the institute. Professionalism and academics are part and parcel of every b-school, but the along with those, the kind of attention given to mission of the institute is sure to bring about a change in the way we perceive our environment.

Aditya Birla Group

I have a family background in insurance sector. So, I would like to join Birla Sun Life insurance and help the company to improve insurance penetration in India which currently stands at around 4%.


Sheth Neel Dharmesh

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