Why the IIM Kozhikode Stage 1 shortlist is meaningless – CAT 2011 Results

While a few thousand students seem to be feeling better about themselves after seeing their name in the IIM Kozhikode shortlist, a lot of them will soon realize that it is of no real consequence. It is completely meaningless and just adds to the wait after confusing aspirants.

In fact, we question the rationale behind doing this exercise.

1) At least 15,000+ students would have made the cut given the cutoffs that IIM Kozhikode has released for less than 400 seats. Basically, they have not made the cut as it is NOT an interview call. The way we see it, about 2500 odd candidates will get a shortlist after 20th Jan from all the people(over 15,000)  who key in the information.

2) They are asking for more information. Now this is information that already exists in the CAT form! Why then should you wait for over 1 week to calculate the composite ‘indexed’ score. There is no extra data that can be added to candidate’s profile except knowing which other calls he/she has. The 15% ‘Profiles’ criteria is a bit of a black box. What is the extra information that is being provided by the candidate at this stage that will tell you more about the ‘Profile’?

The interview calls for IIM Kozhikode could easily have been released now given the fact that all the data required to calculate the indexed score was already there with IIM K unless there are other unannounced factors that decide the interview shortlist that will come out after January 20.

Interestingly, IIM Indore had declared a few months ago that the interview shortlist will come out on January 20, 2012 in their admission policy document.

Irrespective, the Stage 1 shortlist seems slightly illogical to the team at InsideIIM unless of course it helps the institution fulfill certain objectives it has set for itself.


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Unwritten rule hai bhai… They will see kitni ladkioyon ko calls hai doosre IIMs se..and then decide on shortlist…thats my guess

Team InsideIIM

@timeschange – While nothing can be guaranteed, you should be hopeful for an interview call from both IIM I and K. We believe you should also get a call from FMS Delhi. Depending on what SPJIMR thinks about your profile, even that should be open. All the best!


@ timeschange : your 12th is low ..
as per A,B,C,L

these elites have a non-sense academic criteria


yesterday seniors told i had a good chance for IIML but i was not shortlisted…. but anyways thanks alot …feel little relieved listenin dat i have a chance fr I,K,fms and sp jain…thankful to you all for replyin..


Wid 89 %ile overall I had received a mail from iim k that u have been shortlisted for stage 1. But when I am trying to access their site and enter my reg no the msg comes that either you have not been shortlisted or you have put incorrect information.

Plz shed sum light on this

Team InsideIIM

@abhijit23 – You will have to call up IIM Kozhikode and check. We have no access to the admissions committee of any institution


I have got an overall percentile of 97.61…with 98.89 in quant and 88.91 in verbal and LR….
Xth- 87
XIIth – 91
Engineering – 67
NO work ex…still in final year
What are my chances for IIM I,K and the new ones?

Team InsideIIM

@Hardik – CAT percentile and Engineering marks are a problem. Also, unfortunately you are not a non-engineer and neither a woman (We assume Hardik is a name of a male). Keep your fingers crossed! You never know!


@timeschange:- i would say your overal score was the reason you dint get cal from C. as i have seen with lot of my friends.though it wasnt specified.there was a upper cutoff in its case..not the 95 mentioned. and for A and B ur 12th was below 80.so no chance..and for L not being a GIRL and with lower 12th. that might be the case


Can i expect a call from I,K and fms…got call from shillong despite 78.4 in 12th..(10th-92,grads-85.3,general category)?what u think?


@ team insideIIM –
Really appreciate your quick response. Thank you.
There is this one other thing – In the form for IIM kozhikode there was an option to mention about any professional qualifications! I have one of those…Do we get extra marks for these? The break up of marks ( i.e. 50 for CAT, 20 for Xth, 20 for XIIth and 10 for grad ) hasnt got any place for the professional qualification. Whats your take on this?

Hardik. ( and yes I am a male )

Team InsideIIM

15% Profile is where it may be considered which a black box as of now – They may consider it. They may not. Don't bank on it.

As far as your query on the new IIMs go, we know very little about them. It will be unfair for us to comment on your chances there.


i got 89 percentile n belong to the obc nc..also m a girl..whats expected??plzzzzzzzz help….

Team InsideIIM

Your question is incomplete. If you're asking about IIM I and K then you should be hopeful assuming you meet sectional cutoffs


thanku sir..be4 hand..oa-89,quants-85.06 eng-87..10th91 12th 82..n graduatin–till 6th sem-8.52


Hi I’m same MTP that posted earlier.
My name is not shortlisted even in the bottom 6 newer IIMs. Kashipur, Tiruchira et al.
What am I supposed to do now??
Did not apply to any non-IIM!


CAT score-
Grad(engg)-78.44%(Mumbai Uni, College topper)

ABCL gone.. reading PG threads realised would have got A call if my grad %age were atleast 80.01:-(
But thats gone.. Right now have calls from 6 new IIM’s.. Seniors can i expect calls from I,K(final interview call),S calll with this profile

Team InsideIIM

@Poojan – It is unfortunate that despite a terrific profile you missed out on a call from IIM Ahmedabad. Your case is similar to one of our writers Ankit Doshi on this website. He encountered something after CAT 2008 results.

However, we really hope you get a call from Indore and Kozhikode. You stand a very good chance.


i dont have too bad extra curricular as well. headed few posts in clg and was in top-30 of Indian Sudoku Championship 2010.. Considering this can i expect SPJIMR score based call.. Didn't get Profile based..
What about FMS?


hey i got calls from I and SPJIMR.. K made a big big blunder…
I also made it through to Immersion of SPJIMR.. Hoping for a final convert!

Team InsideIIM

@Poojan – Both FMS and SPJIMR are on the radar. But such has been the year, we can't give guarantees. And you aren't particularly having the fortune these days.Keep your fingers crossed. We hope you get through at least one of IIM I,K,SPJIMR and FMS


hey i got calls from I and SPJIMR.. K made a big big blunder…
I also made it through to Immersion of SPJIMR.. Hoping for a final convert!

Dunno what FMS is upto??
Guess they don't a batch of 2012-2014 passing out 😛


My percentile is 99.16. both sections above 95.
Didnt get through A,B,C,L.
Hoping for IimI , K., and SP Jain
My profile is decent and doing my final year B.E with X,XII,Grad -88,80,78.5 respectively.
What are my chances for the above three as its quite demoralizing..


@neha:my case is same as yours if u see my profile up in the comments…but nw i have started getting calls….an advice…many calls will be comin at 99+ for sure…we should start preparin fr gd/pi as this free time s very imp fr us…:) i too asked many seniors and all r sure dat i,k,spjain will give but no1 can gurantee…so all the best for preparation..:)


Only reason im regretting now is cause i havent applied to mdi or fms. Big mistake 🙂
Anyway, can only hope for the best and hope that it turns out okay ..


koi na…let the closed doors be a thing of past….lets concentrate on the doors wich r opened..:)indore has a big chance…and anythin can happn to any1 in IIMK..so lets wait till 20th..meanwhile iit mumbai n iit delhi r also awesome colleges…all the best

Team InsideIIM

@Neha – Everything that applies to Poojan applies to you as well however, for IIM C I think your overall percentile is a little less.

Chances are very bright but then its that kind of a year 🙁


Thank you for your reply!
I know the indore acads weightage is 45% but whats the 10th 12th grad breakup for it? As it isnt mentioned anywhere.


Hi…Seeing a lot of 99+ pc ppl and no ABCL calls is not only unfortunate but also demoralising for ppl like me who thought I stood a chance at K…too far fetched now I would say.

OA -96.67
QA -93.72
VA – 96.25
10th – 93
12th – 89.6
grad – 76 BE,NSIT
18 months workex in a consulting firm…..

Any distant chances of a call from I,K??
Waiting for XL now !!

Team InsideIIM

Only a brave man can predict chances this year. We offer no comments on this because there is no objective way of knowing who they are most likely to call.


wat can one do if he didnt get good marks in graduation..
is d dream into d iim's over for him…

iim freak

i want to do mba bt aftr reading dis i wanna to ask
wat if a person is now getting serious in life wen he starts working in a firm..
i heard a story of sumone name bhuju who did his mba frm iim a
bt nw iim a,b,c nd even l wants 10th,12th,grad to b 85+
do dis mean dat dreams for dese institutes r ovr..
i hav a work ex of 16mnths..with nt so mch gd in acads X 82 XII 84 graduation 66 with no extra curricular certi at intrclg state district nd all
planning to giv cat for nxt yr..plz reply
also wat abt mdi sibm xlri

Team InsideIIM

Shortlisting criteria of IIMs is not in your control. The best you can do is to try and crack the CAT and all other entrance exams. Hope that someone calls you after that.
Meanwhile, you can try building your profile and keep doing things that will enhance your resume. No point brooding over the past. Do what is in your control




@KMS – Why…..BCoz they feel u shud have got a 95 percent in 10 and 12….Also, you shd hv got 100 percentile in CAT……. On a serious note, this is exactly how it gonna go in the years to come….Stricter than ever norms to regulate the flow of 'quality students', if you can call it so, into the IIMs……

Roshan Kumar

70.4 in xth , 59 in 12 th and 69 % in engineering…….am preparing hard to crack the cat n any other exams related to it…….n am also having a wide 4 years of experience in manufacturing…….how much should i have to make effort to get the call from any reputed colleges….is there any chances for me to get best colleges…plz guide me through this process……..

Shashank Sharma

It is there to get extra information which was not there while filling the cat form …change in GPA , change in company — more work ex … it may help in deciding students for next round


10th-87.8% 12th-87.8% B.Tech-59.8 CAT Percentile 99.3………..can i expect the calls from IIM's


Can someone tell me if graduation score refers to the my score in the last year of engineering or aggregate of all 4 years?
Really confused about it for a pretty long time.