Reservation ,one of the most controversial aspects in India. Now the question is why this discrimination? Indeed difference is infused in the nature of India from the eve of its civilization. Difference between casts ,class, gender, skin color ,everywhere its prominent in Indian society. Somewhere People even refuse to acknowledge an human as human if they belong to a lower cast .The easiest solution for government was to reserve some of the privileges for them rather than trying to eradicate this mentality.

Before independence the British government followed the divide and rule policy and now every political party use the same. They are least interested in reforming the society or the injustice to people . Backward people are just vote banks for them. Say  a person has broken leg and he has given a remedy that he doesn’t need to go to some of the places as it is reserved for him  due to his leg. By showing his legs only  he can get the privilege,  but no medicine for the leg. He may think that his leg has proven as a blessing for him but is it really beneficial for him? He can’t understand that what is he loosing. He may got something but actually lost his moving capability. So for entire life he has to live depending upon those places only . The condition of our country is just the man.

Government should focus on how to show the path so that not only lower class people but every backward citizen can thrive on their own sweat. It should concentrate on the equality in our country. Rather than reserving some seats in institutions or service sectors it should establish good educational institute ,offer free  mandatory education to all of them , or endorse social programs against this brutal superstition. For  these all we need is deep thought and pure intention which is really very rare now a days

Reservation system brings nothing but only rage in many minds who had spend sleepless nights with shedding  sweat and tears just to get a place in a good institution or a job. This is nothing but poaching of the fruit of their hard work. But for  the other side it’s the same dark. He may get some privileges  but  only after limiting their growth . They can never feel the power to  claim something by their own merit.

Many of our ancient ‘Maharishis” belong to lower cast but in realm of knowledge and wisdom they are just invincible. By the time there will be no trace of social in people’s mind ,but they are and will always be remembered for their greatness . Dr.Ambedkar  he was also a ‘dalit’, but had the created the rule book for entire nation.

So we all are blessed with equal  capabilities and deserve equal respect .So why dragging this foul tradition too far. Why not uprooting the entire ill tradition and show everyone that above all we are humans. We don’t need any wheel chair but only a single ray of sunlight.