Win An Interview Through Planning A Strategy

If it has been a while since you last attended an interview, you need to buck up and have a strategy planned in order to win the position you are applying to. Having an interview today is equivalent to having a blind date where you expect someone gorgeous but the reality breaks your expectations. As you enter the room with interviewer waiting for you, you have no idea what you will have to go through. You need to raise your game and you can do the same when you are equipped with a strong strategy that will enable you to get through it smoothly.


 What should you know?                                                                                          

The work-horse question from the interview stable, “Tell me about yourself” is more than just an ice breaker question. There were times when it was used to warm up the candidate and create a comfort zone. Today, they want more. Use stories and experiences that prove you to be a perfect fit for the role you are applying to.

The gun room of the average interviewer is today stocked with the latest research’s making hiring times longer.  With these complexities around you need to be sure of doing well on the day. Here is how you can do it:

Have a Strategy, Implement Your Tactics

To be selected for the role, you need to be the stand-out candidate. For this aspiration to come true, you need to strategically show that while every interviewee is in the frame, your delivery is different on three fronts; you check all the requirements successfully, you have the capability of adding more value and lastly, you demonstrate the lowest risk. Your tactics would automatically become specific actions that you can prepare and take.

Be Well-Informed

Get to know who will be present and what would be the interview style. Having this information would strongly increase your chances of hitting the mark on the interview day. If your knowledge overpowers the other candidate’s knowledge, you are set to stand apart.

Gather All Your Experience

Dive in deep through your experience and find loopholes that need to be covered. Having an interview means that you fit in the role and thus you need to be careful with what to show to the employer. You do not want a weakness that could be taken care of before but becomes a cause of rejection at the interview. Cover any odd weakness beforehand.

Do a Deeper Research

Take your research about the interviewee to a deeper level. Gather details about people you will meet, what is the latest development in the industry, the economics of the business, competitors and upcoming prospects in the business. Find out the challenges the organisation faces and use the details in your preparation.

Prepare for the Particular Style of Interview

Rehearse a range of questions that would link into strengths and values and competencies for the desired role. While you might not face the exact same questions, the style of the question asked would help you answer in a more prepared and confident way. When you know a type of technique, you can use it to deal with a number of questions adding and subtracting details according to the present situation.

Know Your Added-Value

It could be difficult but that is the point and that is where the value lies. The deeper insights you have about an organisation you will have to show something about the personality and background you have to offer and how it will merge with the culture already pertaining there. If your qualifications and personality can show the interviewers a valuable addition, you would be at an edge.

Be the No-Risk Candidate

Aim at being the no-risk or at least the lowest risk candidate. Dredge up every example you can and just do not limit yourself to strengths, values, and competencies. Filter down and find your best with ready back-ups so that if probed you have reserved to show depth.

The Before Arrival Strategy

Look good with a confident smile painted and know you have the tools to deal with the interview. You do not have the power of controlling what comes to you but your reaction is in your control. The employer does not expect you to know everything and delivers nothing but the best, but if you have a planned strategy to deal with the interview, you would be able to handle anything that comes to your plate unexpected. You definitely would earn the recognition you deserve and might as well get the job you are aspiring for.