Winds Of Change At IIM Rohtak

The mood here at the IIM-Rohtak campus is unusually upbeat these days. Normally one would assume, given that this is our third term and we would soon be bidding adieu to our campus and friends for our internship in a couple of weeks, that the mood would be a bit nostalgic. Even apprehensive, to an extent. Yet in every corner of our campus, one can hear the whispers of our ‘new campus’. For years it has been in the making, but now, finally, the day draws near when we can finally jump ship. We all had known that it is nearing completion for months now. However, it was only during our annual flagship fest- Infusion- when our Director Professor Dheeraj Sharma made the announcement that we will be shifting in the next two months that this distant possibility seemed like an impending reality. The cheer that followed this announcement was like a clarion call. “Start packing your bags”, it seemed to say, “for I am not so far away.”

IIM Rohtak 2018 New Campus MBA

Only a selected few of us have been to the new campus. Taking pics of our would-be classrooms while posing like SRK, every one of us have simply been gaga over the aesthetics of the campus. From apartment-like hostels to the vintage look of the classrooms, even the dust mites over there seem to have a South Delhi air around them! On top of it, the ‘rumours’ of a popular food chain opening its outlet inside the campus simply makes it a cherry on top. Well, maybe not for everybody, but then, as I’m a foodie, it does for me!

IIM Rohtak 2018 New Campus MBA

Truly, these last few days here have started to become a drag. These days, I find myself frequently looking at otherwise not so noticeable patches on the wall and frowning at its unappealing nature. And that frown is quickly followed by the quick grin on my face as I start thinking about our new home. Perhaps it is the artistic designing of our new campus that is appealing to me, or maybe it is simply the apprehension of ‘something new’ that is calling out to me. I do not know. But now, it is time to say farewell to our current home and embrace the incoming winds of change.

To new beginnings!