How To Wisely Utilise Your Time After Your Summer Placement Process?

The summer internship process makes each of us believe in ourselves a little more or lesser depending on the outcome of it. The process is after all extremely grueling and much more than a test of mere wit. According to me, it involves luck, confidence, networking, communication skills, and various other factors. The final outcome is still sometimes beyond reason and understanding.

However, once the result has been declared and you have what you have, it is time to think of what next?

In case you’ve managed to get the dream job, nothing like it. You can still choose to do the things I suggest you do for those who don’t in case it aligns with your interests or if you’re worried about what if you don’t get that PPO that you’ve been yearing for?

Here’s a laundry list of the things you can get do to wisely utilise your time, keep busy, or whatever else it is you think along with why you should take them up. They are:

  • Clubs and Committees: In case your college has selections post placements, it’s the best time to get involved since you can use all your free time in your area of interest along with learning some new stuff and making great friends.
  • Corporate Competitions: Great learning, good CV points, the chance to know another industry and obviously good money in case you win!
  • Volunteering with other events: If you’re not part of the fest committee, volunteer. If you’re not part of the placement team, liaison. There are so many ways of being involved in different happenings on campus, without being directly responsible.
  • Apply to an external internship: Like the one on inside IIM, or some other live project that may be offered through your college. Apply to something that aligns with your interest, pays well and keeps you busy and alive.
  • Travel: With or without student exchange and obviously without grade drops.
  • Binge watch/ read: You may not have the luxury of this sort of time at a later date in your career, so might as well take to it, while the time lasts.
  • Indulge!
  • Decorate your room
  • Explore the city
  • Party your heart out

This is obviously not an exhaustive list and is more or less inspired by how I’ve used my time on campus for the love of being involved in various things. Try out this, or more, or something entirely different basis whatever appeals to you because if not now, then when?