The Women Of Change – Stories From IIM Amritsar

Women are indispensable. From making houses to leading markets, from protecting the pacts to leading the pack, they are there. They are here, there, everywhere. In every colour, in every role, in every field. Women of today are ubiquitous.

Perhaps being a woman is one of the most versatile roles to play. Like there are just so many shoes to fill, so many tasks to complete, so many targets to achieve.

But boy, err… girl! How well have they played the challenge! They are the truest heroes in our world, which doesn’t seem to shed its scepticism about heroines.

But the world is not that much of a depressing place to live in. In the countless articles, stories, speeches, shows and almost all the modes of communication, the role of our very own ladies have been celebrated with much fanfare.

Continuing this trend, and focusing on the positive side, after all, everyone relishes a slice of positivity, a first-year student of IIM Amritsar, Anushree Purohit, sought to bring different stories that celebrate the very essence of being a woman. In the different stories, she has witnessed the struggles and the eventual rise of the women of IIM Amritsar from the shackles of Patriarchy, Stereotyping and Discrimination.

Below are some of the stories collected by her that celebrate the true indefatigable spirit of our wonderful achievers, our ladies.

A 19-year-old girl Shikha, from a rural background in Himachal Pradesh, moved out, joined IIM and brought pride to her village.

Rising from an insurmountable challenge after the untimely death of her father, Priyanka became the diamond under duress and have proved her mettle with the success she got.

Krati, coming from a financially sound family still did not get the required motivation from anyone. She was ambitious, self-motivated, self-driven and now a successful individual whose dreams could not be thwarted by a typical patriarchal family.

Shivani feels that autonomy and being the owner of her decisions is crucial. She has always done what her heart desired, has defied all the odds and made her name in a workplace dominated by men.

Covering miles, facing challenges, representing people, being a leader, Medhavi, the current student representative and a staunch supporter of girl education, has always proved that women can indeed lead and do any task on their own.

Having risen above various stereotypes, Sanju, one of the finest speakers in the institute, has fought agents of discrimination and actively voiced her opinion for recognition, respect and true parity for all in the world.

Hailing from a family with three daughters, Saloni and her sisters knew that they have to be the ‘sons’ of the family and after finding success in their respective domains, they have now become the ‘suns’ of the family.

Proving that a girl child is no less than a boy child, Saumya has not only succeeded, time and again in various competitive exams but also has proved inspirational for all the women who come from conservative backgrounds.

Never afraid to voice her opinion and stand, an atheist, a married person, and certainly an owner of radical and intellectual thinking, Aiswarya believes that women are no longer the followers, but the partners of change.



Having climbed mountains and crossed oceans, there is still a lot to achieve in the field of women empowerment. Sometimes due to a competitive environment, I see women dragging and pulling each other down, and not at all cooperating with each other. I strongly feel that as women we should always seek collaboration, understand each other’s struggles and be a support system in order to strive and thrive in an environment biased for the other gender.

For the sake of millions of girls who aren’t fortunate enough to be blessed with opportunities, privileged and educated women like us should extend a helping hand so as to bridge the intra-gender parity.

Thus, in an attempt to highlight some of our stories that delineate our hardships and our journey to the top, I believe we would be able to contribute to the ongoing great revolution of Women being the harbingers of new change.

IIM Amritsar

IIM Amritsar