Women’s Grooming For Job Interviews – Summer Time Madness – Reliance & InsideIIM

This is the 8th episode of Summer Time Madness in association with Reliance Industries Limited.

In this episode, we lay our focus on grooming women and every element that she needs to pay attention to for a perfect formal ensemble in an interview. Should I go for a pantsuit or a skirt suit? What sort of Indian wear would be considered formal? What shoes should I pair with an Indian outfit? Open-toed or close-toed? Given the multiple choices in women formal wear, it becomes difficult to make the right choice.




  • A Sari or a skirt suit is the ultimate formal attire for a woman looking forward to an interview.
  • While selecting a skirt suit, ensure that the material is a blend of silk and wool, and not nylon or polyester as it tends to make a slithery sound while you walk around.
  • The fabric of your blouse should be a fine cotton material or something silkier, but cannot be transparent under any circumstances. Ensure that it has a perfect fit and does not strain near the chest area. Nowhere, should ruffles and frills be a part of any outfit.
  • In case of sari, always opt for opaque fabrics like crepe or georgette in rich colours. Blouse of your sari should always have a high neckline and a high back with sleeves till the elbow .
  • A pantsuit or a kurti is also an acceptable attire for an interview. For pant suits,it is advisable to have a tailor-made suit since Indian women tend to have a lot of curves. And not many brands in India make pantsuits that could suit the body type of an Indian woman.
  • For a kurti, always avoid big yokes and prints. Go for subtle designs in bright colours. As per the current trend, you can team up a kurti with straight fitted pants.
  • Put your best foot forward – In case of western outfits, always go for closed-toes nude or black pumps. Ballet flats are also permissible but,without any embellishments or brand logos. For Indian wear, you can opt for Indian footwear which is open-toed but again without any decorations on it.
  • Always stick to very subtle jewellery pieces. For earrings, stick to small studs or hoops. Anything bigger than your eyeballs which attract more attention is not okay. Neckpieces should not extend below your shoulder area and should always be confined to simple pendants. Avoid bracelets which make noise and wear a maximum of two rings.
  • Avoid carrying huge bags and purses to an interview. Carry all the necessary documents in a single black docket.
  • Please do not go with a bare face to an interview. A little amount of makeup will enhance your personality.
  • Avoid dark lip colours. Ensure using a lip colour which is one shade darker than your natural lip colour.
  • In case of acne, avoid applying a lot of foundation/concealer. Keep it natural and subtle.
  • For women with hair below their shoulders, it is preferred to tie them into a neat bun, ponytail or a French plait.

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