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A Memorable Classroom Experience

When asked what MBA means to you, someone once told me in one word – ‘Diversification’. It exposes you to multiple domains/disciplines and allows you to explore your personalities. The curriculum too is designed in a way to achieve this objective. One such interesting course which we had in first year was ‘Organizational Behaviour’. I particularly liked the course due to our professor’s unconventional means of conducting the cases. My most memorable classroom experience was during one of the sessions of this course. The objective of the session was to understand the power structures in an organization. At the onset, the class got divided in 3 organizational hierarchical levels; the top management, middle management and the factory workers. To state the obvious, the structure was pyramidal as in most organizations. Three groups were made to occupy three different places. The professor’s syndicate room was given to the top management, classroom for the middle and outside class lobby area for the lowest level group. We were supposed to do a role play but the catch was the role was described only to the 3rd group. Suddenly in a minute a big chaos was created with workers sloganeering and protesting some action taken by the management. Meanwhile, tea and snacks were being served to the top management in front of the worker lot. Five minutes later the top group felt the need to intervene and called in the middle management to understand the situation. Consequently, middle management engaged in a discussion with the workers to come to some compromising terms which according to them were more than fair. To defend their positions, middle management toned down the intensity of the situation and transmitted only half the information to top management. However, neither the top management nor the workers were aware about this. As a result, discontent of workers towards top management increased, while top management continued to rely on middle management to resolve the issue. Cutting the role play short, the class was so engaged in this activity that they almost assumed in reality their respective roles. An example would be the state of workers group. The activity was done in the month of December when even the afternoons are quite cold here at Indore. However, the power structure made top management (the ones with the most comfortable set up of a small warm cabin and tea) and the middle management (the ones with relatively more comfort than the workers group) oblivious of the real scenario. Despite they being our own classmates we weren’t merciful of them thus truly living this simulation exercise. The concluding discussion was a moment of actualization and a deep understanding of organizational power structures. The session truly was the most memorable experience for me.


Which Aditya Birla Group company I would want to work for?

I would want to work for Aditya Birla Capital Limited, the umbrella brand for all the financial services business of the group. I am a chartered accountant by profession and pursuing MBA in General Management from IIM Indore. Being a finance person, I would be keenly interested in working for one of the largest financial services players in India. Since the services provided by ABCL and its subsidiaries covers a gamut of various financial services, there is a wide window of opportunity which I would be willing to explore. As a quid pro quo, I too would efficiently deploy all my skills which I have developed through academics as well as work experience in adding value to the company

IIM Indore Placement Committee

Placement Committee, Indian Institute of Management Indore