Out Of The Woods And Into The Deep Sea – Welcome To Hel(L)

Hell is the place where you are purged of all your previous sins! But at IIM Lucknow, the only thing you are purged out of is lack of fear of enormity. Didn’t understand? Let me explain.

Have you ever lived on an island with no communication with outsiders except those sudden messages (I will come back to it later)? No? Well, if you ever get into IIM Lucknow, you will know what that means. You understand the reason why hostel life is called a tight knit community – you do not see any face other than those 700 odd for 3 months. 3 M-O-N-T-H-S! You do not have any option other than to bond. But when you bond, you realise how beautiful life can be. Still feeling a little lost? I ask those who have work experience – do you ever see 700 people in 3 months? To the freshers, I ask, do you understand what bonding can do to your personality? You never understand how enormous it is! Had I been at home, I would have seen the same 40-50 faces! Here, I see 700 of them (at least)! Still not convinced? Let me dive further.

What is the amount of sleep that a normal person should have in a week? 50-60 hours a week? You just described 2 weeks (2.5-3 in some cases) worth of sleep for a student at Hel(L). You understand what ‘Zombie’ mode means. You understand how important it is to ‘blow off steam’. You can do only 2 of the 3study, socialise and sleep. You know what people choose more often than not? The former 2 – it is an informed decision. Now, do you think this is the┬áloss of fear for enormity? Still no? I will try one more time and I hope that this is the all-seeing answer.

My neighbours were once recounting their experiences (after a ‘fun’ night) of being a hosteler in undergrad and how it compared to life here. The biggest difference? The food. Now, have you ever thought of a hosteler appreciating the food at the campus and not cribbing about missing home food? That is what IIM Lucknow teaches you. It makes a ‘man’ager out of a man and an ‘Ellen Ripley’ out of a woman.

All in all, you start appreciating the value of things here. You can only say this when you are at campus – GoT Suits?

Harsh Gandhi

IIM Lucknow 2017-19 | CA by profession, cricket fan at heart | Contact for all information regarding careers in commerce!