Work On Customer’s Pain Points, Create Value And Win Loyalty – Strategy With RS

What are the problems that you face when you are shopping for fashion clothes?

Trying them out in a tiny trial room, under artificial lights and being under pressure to vacate it fast because other shoppers are waiting for their turn.

Result: When you try them at home, you get a sinking feeling that you may have made a wrong selection.

Amazon has decided to address this pain point by launching a new service called Prime Wardrobe that lets customers try on clothes at home before they pay for it and return what they decide not to keep.

Currently, this service is being beta tested in the USA and is available for its Prime Customers, at no extra charge.

This is how it works:

When a Prime member is shopping on Amazon Fashion, she should look for the ‘Prime Wardrobe’ logo. Now she can choose 3 or more items from the millions of items that are available to choose from!

The chosen items will be shipped for free.

After the Prime Wardrobe arrives at the doorstep she has 7 days to try out her selection and keep what she likes; the rest can be put back in the ‘return ready’ box; stick the pre-gummed and prepaid label and keep it at her doorstep. It will be picked up for free.

How does Amazon encourage her to keep her entire selection – by offering a discount – the more she keeps the more discount she will get – up to 20% off on the order.

Bottom-line: Observe your customer’s pain points that they are experiencing from the existing best solution and then design a system which will either reduce or eliminate the pain points. If you can do this successfully, you would create value for your customers and win their loyalty.

In the process, you would have imbibed the DNA of how successful companies create value for their customers.