Work for results and success will follow – TAPMI

I remember the day when I was so full of anxiety that I thought I would through up. I was at my bed, looking at ceiling and heating up with fever because of two back to back typhoid I had. I remember it was around my engineering entrance test. With my mom and dad by my side looking at the doctor’s reports.

I remember asking my father why something like this always happens at the worst time & him being always calm and composed telling me nothing bad will happen and that he’s pretty sure of me getting well and giving the exam properly. This made me realise about how strong he is from inside and all this gave me a little time to introspect about myself that how much we crib about the things which did not go according to the plan or things that didn’t happen like we wanted. We get so much affected by the above thoughts that we could not do well even if we had enough chance.

Finally, after giving it a considerable amount of thought, I finally realised that I had to break through this no matter what. Right now, eight years after that incident as I am writing this article from my MBA hostel, I can finally say everything works out okay if you have your confidence and patience with you. Also, we should give ourselves a chance to think back and introspect on what we have achieved.


Sarthak Kishore TAPMI