Workshop On Public Policy By MP Baijayant Jay Panda’s Office, At FMS Delhi

The student-run Consulting Club at Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi embarked on a new initiative to introduce students and young professionals to the evolving sphere of public policy and empower them to explore the space of public policy and governance as potential career fields.

The daylong workshop was held in collaboration with Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC) along with the Office of Mr. Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda, MP (Lok Sabha) on 26 February at FMS campus.

Mr. Panda commenced the workshop, motivating attendees to actively engage in Indian public policy for a long-term solution to the problems faced in the country, following which Rohit Kumar (YLAC) took over with two informative sessions introducing attendees to the basics of India’s public policy system, on Indian Constitution, the process of law making and its nitty-gritties, and then a more in-depth session on the dynamics of technology and its impact on public policy framing. Attendees had opportunities to engage and ask questions, resulting in some interesting discussions and a great learning experience.

Yamini Aiyar from Accountability Initiative took up an engaging talk on some of her organisation’s work in educational blocks across India, giving attendees an inside look at some of the on-the-ground barriers faced in the public sector and examining how we can overcome these barriers for a more effective public sector.

Mr. Panda concluded the workshop opening up the discussion to freedom of speech in India and the necessity for rules and protocols in democracy instead of ‘consensus – which is barely reached’; encouraging students to think critically about India’s democracy and the need for us to become engaged with public policy.

He elaborated, that in a democracy, we should all make efforts for constructive change and our efforts never go waste which was evident in cases like ‘disqualification on conviction of Elected Representatives’ and incorporating ‘large, graphic warning on tobacco products’. In both the cases, Mr. Panda’s office pushed hard, and generated significant heat among the constituents forcing representatives to take the right course, which ultimately showed up in the results despite stiff opposition.

With the phenomenal support and interest gained from the first workshop, The Consulting Club hopes to continue with this initiative in public policy at FMS Delhi!