Worried About Poor AIMCAT Scores? Relax, You Can Still Crack CAT

Disclaimer: This article is  intended for Students who consider themselves to be an average student and are trying to believe in themselves. For others , this is just another article on CAT preparation 🙂

Last summer I was under the same dilemma whether to go for CAT 2016 or start preparing for CAT 2017. The continuous poor AIMCAT scores were demotivating when you check in Pagalguy and see people posting and boasting of marks double of yours  and still being sad for scoring only 99.45 percentile.

Low mock scores should never be a reason to give up. I didn’t and so i cracked it.


Testname Percentile
AIMCAT1725 87.54
AIMCAT1724 85.67
AIMCAT1723 91.31
AIMCAT1722 83.02
AIMCAT1721 82.2
AIMCAT1720 89.2
AIMCAT1719 79.31
AIMCAT1718 88.01
AIMCAT1717 90.19
AIMCAT1716 89.16
AIMCAT1715 76.82
AIMCAT1714 95.16
AIMCAT1713 84.34
AIMCAT1712 92.98
AIMCAT1711 85.2
AIMCAT1710 67.72
AIMCAT1709 90.17
AIMCAT1708 64.14
AIMCAT1707 80.07
AIMCAT1706 69.79
AIMCAT1705 74.16
AIMCAT1704 90.27
AIMCAT1702 82.49
AIMCAT1701 86.08

Result: I scored 97.46 percentile ( VA- 94.94, DI-98.29,QA-90.54) in CAT. Though it is not enough to get a call from BLACKI , considering it was the first time I attempted CAT and I still converted IIM Shillong and other new IIM’s.

What went right ?

I utilized the AIMCATs to identify the areas where I was struggling and constantly scoring less marks despite the question being easy or average. AIMCATs give you exposure to different types of questions and also the solutions might show you a whole different and efficient way to solve these problems.Being a working professional I used to give atleast 90 min daily for preparation. For VA taking  sectional test is a must . Its always better to have exposure to different types of  RC with time constrain. While writing CAT,  I never had a predetermined  score in my mind. The secret was I never tried to answer all the questions and played it to my strength. .

Suggestion: Mock helps you to find your strong and weak areas and to check your level of preparedness. Don’t take them as an indicator of your CAT result. Analyze the solutions thoroughly and improve everytime.

Jyotisman Sharma

Currently a student of IIM Shillong. Runners up in Amazon Ace Asia pacific operations case study competition. 2nd runners up in Reliance TUP 4.0.