In product strategy management class, I studied ‘excitement’ as the wow factor or the aura that the product generates for which the customer has not expected out of what he/she is paying for.

IIM Udaipur generates the same factor of reverence for a student when he/she starts climbing the road towards the college gate. The best thing that any person likes is the suspense of what comes next. Climbing the hill towards the college from a bustling highway and landing into a place in the lap of Aravalli hills full of mountain ranges (up to the limit one can see) often reminds me of my native place Solan, Himachal Pradesh – a city in the lap of Himalayas. The road turns around the hills on the campus depicts various turning points that it brings into our lives while being here and making us as serene and beautiful as the place itself is.

I would particularly like to highlight the cultural aspect of the college. For me, It has provided me with various opportunities to cultivate my talent. I got an opportunity to do a girls’ dance “Kalbelia” folk dance of Rajasthan, sing at various events around the year and a chance to even perform with Sufi singers “Chaar Yaar” group. The cultural activities all-round the year helps in cultivating the personality of adapting to any situation or circumstances which is very important when we move out of this campus into the corporate world. The cultural committee of the college celebrates almost every festival round the year which deepens the connection of the students with the college. The music society of the college provides a platform to participate in various musical events around the year like annual cultural fest ‘Audacity’, national day celebrations and even some festivals to groom the musician inside you. Moreover, the beautiful building and two lakes coming up is depicting all the art form of the Rajasthan state and growing the culture in such a way that if anyone steps into this area once, would end up in love with this place and would never want to leave this place (Corporate Guest’s reviews after visiting the place). In future, IIM Udaipur would be called as the Management Institute of Lakes, similarly as Udaipur is called as the City of Lakes.


Aditya Birla Group

Talking about the culture, I would like to specifically work in the fashion and retail sector of the company, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited. By visiting various platforms for getting the reviews of the kind of culture the company has, I feel it directly matches to my expectations. According to a report on the Indian Fashion industry, the worldwide fashion market is growing at a rate of around 9% with India’s contribution of only 0.1% of the industry’s net. So there lies a huge potential and scope for this sector to boom with new innovative ideas and digitization, which attracts me to take up this sector to start my career with.


IIM Udaipur Placement Committee

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