What To Write On LinkedIn When You’re Unemployed

When you are temporarily unemployed, it can be really challenging to update your profile on LinkedIn correctly and know how to conceal this unwanted detail. If you are between jobs at the moment, you need to understand what you should write for your Current Position and Professional Headline. Remember that the aim of updating your profile is to get noticed by the potential recruiters. Here is what you need to do in order to attract hiring managers and not drive them away.

What to Mention on Your Profile

First of all, it’s significant, to be honest on your profile as prospective recruiters can easily check your professional background if they decide to consider you for employment. You may either mention your unemployment in the profile or not state it at all. There are different opinions on what is better to include in LinkedIn profile when you are between jobs. According to Krista Canfield, former Senior PR Manager at LinkedIn, if you are currently out of work, you should list your present position as “open to opportunities.”

Do You Need to Update Your Profile?

Many job hunters doubt how they should update their profile in order to hide the unattractive facts of their employment history. If you are not sure whether you need to change certain information or just want your LinkedIn profile to look professional and polished, turn to LinkedIn profile writing service reviews. Reviews can really help you select among the wide variety of companies providing LinkedIn profile writing services.

On the other hand, one of the easiest options is to mention the end date on your last job and not add a new one. As a result, your profile will be technically correct plus you will not emphasise your status of being unemployed. In addition, you may also update your status field so the people from your network know you are searching for a new job. For instance, you can update it like this, “Peter is currently searching for an accountant position. Does anyone know who is hiring?” Don’t hesitate to use this fast and simple way to let your network you are connected to know you would like to use their help.

LinkedIn Profile Headlines for Unemployed

There is a number of successful examples of people who were laid off and were able to land a new position within just a few days after they have updated their status to demonstrate they were currently looking for a new job. Here are some of the most attractive and appropriate headlines for those who are out of work:

  • Seeking a New Opportunity
  • Available for Employment
  • Actively Seeking Employment
  • Seeking New Opportunities
  • Marketing Professional in Transition

More than that, listing your present position can be a real challenge too. You may consider listing “Seeking New Position” or “Unemployed” as the company name. Also, if you are doing consulting work or freelance, list your company as self-employed.

One thing to be aware of is that many recruiters, unfortunately, don’t want to hire people who state “unemployed” on their profile and tend to give preference to candidates who have a job. If you are concerned about this, consider putting “self-employed” as your current position.

If You Left Your Position Voluntarily

You can also clarify in your position description that you have left your job voluntarily. Mention that you have good recommendations and are available for new opportunities.

The updating of the LinkedIn profile is not obligatory, of course. Some job seekers leave their profile as it is as though they have forgotten to change or update the information. But if you want to get the most out of your job search and land a new job as soon as possible, make sure your profile contains only relevant and updated details and looks professional.

Katherine J. Page

Kate Page from http://resumebestwriters.com