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Congratulations! If you are a second-year student then on your convocation and if you are a first-year student then on your impending summer internship!

My name is Ankit Doshi and I’m the Creator of InsideIIM.com. We at InsideIIM.com feel privileged that you think we are worthy of your precious time.

However, our goal is to delight you. We do not want even one user to have just an ‘okay’ experience on InsideIIM.com. We expect you to expect high quality from us. We expect you to expect a solution to most of your career problems from us. We don’t want to be just another website or a platform. We want you to feel delighted by us.

But for us to achieve this goal of delighting you, we need some advice from you. A few suggestions. Maybe a scolding. Even a rant. We need to know how we are doing at the moment. Are we making a difference in your life? Are we creating a good community? How do you think we can make the community more like home for you?

I have gone through all the stages that you are going through or will go through. Right from deciding to do an MBA to actually doing it at an IIM to working in global MNC to quitting and starting my own company. The idea was to make the process of career discovery and decision making thorough and robust. Please help us in building a world-class platform and community.

Please rate us here.

It will not take more than 4 mins.

If there are people among you who need to be responded, I will do so personally. I guarantee that every single rating and every single word will be read by me and the members of the core team.

Until Next Time,


Ankit Doshi

Creator of InsideIIM.com



mounika mona

I want to know about rural management course and career related to it ! Hoping for reply!