On XAHR Campus And Campus Life

The campus being located at the outskirts of the ‘Temple City of India’, Bhubaneswar, enjoys its share of greenery. The lush green fields that surrounds the campus adds serenity and provides respite from the unforgiving hot and humid weather.

The plethora of sports options available in the campus doesn’t allow a sports lover like me to sit back and rest. Since joining XAHR, I wake up every day to the spectacular view of the football ground from my room’s window, covered with immaculately trimmed pristine cover of grass.

The eateries and snack joints present in the campus can satisfy the most insatiable taste buds. The canteen allows us to survive the late-night group study and projects. The campus is equipped with all the modern facilities doesn’t make one feel wanting for more.

The seniors welcomed the new batch with a barrage of assignments which woke each of us from our slumber and gave a glimpse of the situation that will greet us from nowhere for the next 2 years. Having said that, seniors were very receptive to any sort of queries and helped us in each and every step to get us to familiarize with the campus and academics.

The presence of church inside the campus provides a divine touch to the whole experience. It is one of quietest place in the campus away from the hustle of MBA life, where one can sit, meditate, reflect and revitalize oneself to gear up for the next day.


To sum up the experience of campus, I will say that there is lots in store for me in the coming 2 years and am looking forward to it.


The company I would like to work with is AB Capital

Indian economy will grow at healthy pace for the coming decades and financier needs to finance the consumption to sustain the growth and improving the economy. Aditya Birla Capital (AB Capital) has been a pioneer in the field of finance ranging from investing, wealth management, insurance to giving credits. As more people get educated, both literally and financially, there comes the need of planning one’s financial life. AB Capital provides the right kind of service for the same which includes Mutual Funds, Wealth Management, PMS, Stocks and securities, etc. My personal interest in Equity markets & personal finance makes me choose AB Capital as my ABG group company where I can work, contribute to organization and gain knowledge.


Soumen Paul

MBA-HRM, 1st year



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