XAHR Offered Me The Ideal Campus-Life, Along With Professional Excellence

My graduation was a 5-year course at Symbiosis Law School, which in that period had its campus in the center of the city of Pune. The trade-off for having classes in the city-center the lack of a spacious campus. While I enjoyed my time at SLS immensely, towards the end of my time there, I felt I had missed out on a ‘campus life’.

Getting the experience of living in a large, sprawling campus and feeding off the energy or hundreds of students developing themselves academically and maturing as people was a key criterion I was looking for in an MBA program. XAHR, offered me the infrastructure I was looking for, with a fresh, new campus containing hostels to house students from not just XAHR, but students enrolled in the other courses offered by Xavier University. If they ever get bored of the spacious indoor facilities, students are allowed the freedom of doing group assignments on the tennis court or basketball courts in the late evening hours, enjoying the cool evening breeze. Midnight strolls through the campus, christened ‘X-Walk’, by my batch help us wind-down after busy days. But then no one really wants to wind-down, because the vitality in the atmosphere here is infectious.

Most of us are here to build our careers and find our dream roles in preferred industries. I had been harbouring a steadfast interest in Human Resource Management. XAHR, and as an internet portal or relevant magazine will inform you, XAHR offers one of the best courses in HRM in India. The campus is located on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, which might seem unappealing but it allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the curriculum and the many student-driven activities that are organized every week.

There is healthy diversity the batches and the interactions teach us the people-skills we will need as future HR managers managing a diverse workforce.

Thank you XAHR for choosing me.


The ABG Company I Would Like To Work For

The dichotomous role HR plays in handling diversity, respecting individuality, while simultaneously creating a unifying work culture with a common vision and goals is one of the challenges that has drawn me into a career in HR.

Birla Carbon has offices in 35 countries and has employees belonging to 43 nationalities. A chance to be part of a company as diverse as this holds a tremendous amount of appeal for me.


Samarjeet Pati
MBA-HRM, 1st year