Yashwi Dalmia’s Motivating Journey To NMIMS Mumbai

It’s that time of the year for all MBA Aspirants when their brain wires are the sharpest yet most entangled. Entangled? Yes, because ‘n’ number of questions cross the mind day in and day out. One such question is – “Am I prepared enough? Or should I actually drop out this year and re-appear the next year?”

My dear friends, this is the most dangerous question that could take shelter in your brain. The idea is to not let this question occupy your mind at all and to go for the kill! (This comes straight from my personal experience which I would love to share with you all).

I am a fresher and graduated from college in May, 2017. I was pursuing CFA alongside my under graduation and appeared for its Level II exam in June 2016. Much to my surprise I did not clear the exam and was heartbroken. So, yes, it boils down to roughly three months to study and prepare for MBA entrances. Let me tell you, I think I was the most demotivated person to my knowledge. Optimism with respect to getting into a b-school was way below ground levels despite having excellent academic performance and many competitions to my name. But, I had friends who were also preparing with me and yes, it’s because of them that I am here at NMIMS today. This brings me to the second part of the story – Friends who are genuinely motivating you to give a shot. I had constant calls just saying few lines – “at least appear for the exams this year, you never know what is in it for you. You’re good with GDs and you have fabulous academics, all you need to do is – just get the cut off marks”. Every night just when I would go to my bed to sleep I had everyday dosage from my sisters saying the same thing. I was so full of such calls and doses that I finally decided to appear in 2016. If this rings a bell to any of you, I’m happy, because what you are going to read further is only going to help and motivate you.

So I began my preparation with the routine RCs, Algebra, Arithmetic and all of it. I prepared. Yes, but with minimal hopes. My first NMAT exam was scheduled around 20th October 2016. I did not score the cutoff and was sure to not appear for the second attempt. Yet again, I had similar calls, asking me to at least try for the second attempt. With those innumerable calls from my friends and regular dosage from my sisters, I registered again. With that, the same story- “I appear for the second attempt and again not close to the cut off”. By this time, I had my semester end exams of college knocking at the door and I almost made up my mind to not appear for the third attempt. There were barely any slots remaining after my second attempt, which did not clash with my college exams. So, there was anyway no scope for my friends this time to push me further. But as destiny had it, my college exams got over on 19th December 2016, and a new slot (one last slot for the last day) opened. While I was writing my paper, my friends had my password and what happens next is obvious- they register themselves as well as me for the third attempt. Having barely any hopes – I wake up and appear for the 9 am exam. Fifteen days later, NMAT results were declared with cut off of 208 and I scored 209. Yes, it is true. In a few days, I got my call letter and appeared for further processes. In no time I got my final call letter from the Institute, congratulating me for my upcoming journey!

The reason behind sharing this whole story is, to just convey just two small messages –                                                        – If you have invested even little time in your preparation for b-school entrance exams – APPEAR, DO NOT GO BACK. – When your friends and family say- “at least try”- listen to them. You never know what their “at least try” can lead you to.

Personally, I believe in destiny and its funny way of putting things in our lives. For me, the calling was through my lovely friends and sisters who constantly motivated me because they knew I was heartbroken after my CFA exam results. For you, it could be in any other form. If there isn’t any, use my story as one, but do appear and do not let go of any attempts that come your way. I understand, that at this time, all that comes to the mind is the number of applicants against whom you stand to compete but take a leap of faith and go for it. One never knows, what is in store next.

Ever since I got through a b-school, I wanted to share this story because I am aware that like me, many others would be on similar levels of demotivation and maybe my journey would act as a catalyst for some of them. Also, I am grateful to all those friends of mine and my sisters. So yes, stay connected and do bear a hearing to what your friends and family say. You might not even realise, but just a few of their words can maybe take you to the dream that you’ve lived for!

Yashwi Dalmia

Yashwi Dalmia is a first year MBA student at SBM,NMIMS Mumbai. She completed her BBA from J.D.Birla Institute(Department Of Management), Kolkata in May 2017. She loves writing and participating in debates, elocution and the like. Individually, she deeply believes in hardwork and feels that no effort ever goes wasted. Being gentle and warm at heart is what describes her and the one thing she values the most is her Family.