You Are Too Special To Be Judged – Ayushi Nair

A friend of mine this morning, had a very beautiful thing to say to me, something that inspired this blog today. She said ‘A contest is too little to judge the talent you just ignore it..’, regarding a recent contest that I lost in. The simple line (in spite of being a bit cheesy :p) did provoke a lot of thought in me! Yes, she was right. Is a contest, really the final testament of the talent that I possess or the passion I feel? Really?

The answer was typically a “NO”. No one is actually capable of judging anyone. Everyone is inbuilt with a lot of flaws. There is a popular saying “No one can hurt you without your consent”. I’d say “No one can judge you without your consent”. Both very true! Unless and until, you give someone the authority to judge you or the power to influence you, nobody can or will demotivate you. I mean, if we humans were so accurate with our predictions, the chocolates we so much adore today : Hershey’s kisses would have never been a reality nor would have a guy who was considered to lack creativity would have gone to win 22 Oscars in the future : Walt Disney. One can always say that these were the ‘LUCKY’ ones. But trust me, it was more than just sheer luck that made them successful; it was their self worth. These people never let the judgments of the world define their realities. Their feeling of self worth was much higher than the harsh words of the masses.


Now let me tell you a short story that I saw in one of these highly trending YouTube videos:

A professor in a class walked in with a crisp $100 note. He showed it to the whole class and asked how many of them would want to own it. As expected, every single 120 of them raised their hands. The professor then folded the note in half and repeated the same question. All the hands were still up. He continued folding it multiple times and repeated the same question and received the same answer every time. At last he crumpled the note,  threw it down, stomped it with his foot and repeated the same question. The answer was still the same..all 120 of them still wanted the note! The moral was no matter how much the note was folded or crumpled or even stomped, it still had its worth. It was still a $100 note! No matter what the professor did its worth remained the same. This is exactly how we humans are but fail to realize ! We all are worthy and no matter how mean the world is to one can take that worth away from us !

You are one in a million ! And believe me that’s good enough !


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