You know you are an MBA when

For some of us, it has been a year in a B-school. Most of us are pass outs or aspiring to be in one of the best MBA schools. We’ve come across countless “You know it when” posts… You know you are a Bengali when, you know you studied in the Delhi University when, you know you grew up in the nineties when… just name it! Here’s a list of 20 odd things you do/know/think/say when you’re an MBA.

1. You calculate your own opportunity cost.




2. You refer to your past relationships as ‘my sunk costs.’



3. You start to feel sorry for Dilbert’s boss after the Operations Management course



3. Anything that doesn’t use numbers is globe.


4. You use the term ‘value-added’ more than anything else. Where “Value added = More Expensive”



6. You say “that’s very interesting” whenever you disagree.

7. When you say, “Help me understand”, you mean “I don’t know what you are talking about and I don’t think that you do either”

8. Your ‘deliverable’ for Sunday evening is cleaned clothes and paid bills.


9. You plan to exercise from the next Monday. Always.



10. Your love letters begin with executive summaries and have bullet points.



11. You can spell ‘paradigm.’

12. You actually know what a paradigm is.

13. You analyze your airline’s fare structure.

14. You ask the waiter what the restaurant’s core competencies are.


15. And you talk to him about the process flow when dinner arrives late.

16. You love wearing your institute T-shirt while travelling

17. College becomes ‘Insti’ and Students become ‘Junta’

18. You miss old times when there used to be weekends.


19. You decide to reorganize your family into a ‘team- based organization’ and restructure the roles of your family members with WBS codes.



20. Dating is same as test marketing.



This article is written by Debalina Haldar, class of 2015 student at IIM Lucknow. Her novel, The Female Ward, was published in May, 2013. She is the Creative Head and Core Coordinator of the Media and Communication Cell at IIM Lucknow.

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when you see the backside of every soap/shampoo/detergent to check whether it’s from HUL or P&G