You know you’re from XIMR when. . .

You walk into college after 9:10 and a simple red Swift or blue WagonR can turn you into a ninja trying to sneak in without getting caught.

You’ve placed a bet for the number of times you hear “Amsolike”

You still can’t tell the difference between an ANOVA and Chisquare. Or maybe just the different types of probability distributions. Yes, she’s fast! But you gotta admit, you didn’t practise sums everyday!

Every Business Communication lecture has a “photo session” in the break

The last bench corner charging point is NEVER free!

You are so sick of the Chinese/dosas/pastas/chaat/juice/pavbhaji counters and Anna’s counter is never consistent. Not the Dal and definitely not the maggi. Also, the Nescafe coffee tastes like piss but you’ll still drink it out of habit.

“Bloody buggers”, “Fraud”, “I don’t kaaare”, “I’m Japanese”, “Shabbath”, “Work is worship” brings only one name to mind. And don’t deny it, but you read those words in his exact tone! 😛

You have no idea what the Railstar case is all about but you know the Starbucks one by heart!

If you get in trouble. . . “Clyyyyyyydddddddeeee”

Father P can never be found. No one knows where he goes but he knows where we are at all times.

You still do not know the correct spelling of Malacky!

Superman can be a pain but he’s always a saviour during exams!!

‘Uganda’ takes the term “dark skin” to a whole new level! (#TryingHardNotToBeRacist)

When you want to go home they make you wait back for library hours and when you want to stay back you get hunted out!!

Any dabba/fruit/chips/biscuit opened in class will be over within 5 minutes! Literally!

You have pictures of almost every single student sleeping in class!

You have enough of case study Raddhi papers to fund the next quarter’s train pass.

You have been locked out for coming late in the second half of a Finance lecture.

The last day of exams/college automatically means everyone will be at Sunlight!

Admit it: You STILL haven’t read Kotler! 😛

You hate the 9-9 and you hate the assignment overloads. You don’t like the new ephorus software and you grumble about almost every single detail of the administration but deep down inside, you know you love this place! The people, the family atmosphere, the special moments that you know you will cherish for a lifetime. Without realising it, XIMR slowly converts you from a college student into a manager. It’s not just a college, it’s a way of life!